Proteins – Why Are They So Important and What We Actually Know About Them

Proteins – Why Are They So Important and What We Actually Know About Them

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The notion that you will most often hear in debates about a balanced, healthy lifestyle, especially for those who regularly workout are definitely proteins. They are the reason why people make serious groceries’ lists before going into the market, nutritional plans and schedules. Some people are so obsessed with their protein intake that they almost do not talk about anything else except a meal after training, or supplements that can provide an instant necessary amount of proteins.

How much we actually know about them? What is their role in the body? Where do we find most of the proteins?

Proteins are essential substances without which the body can not function normally. Together with fats and carbohydrates, they are called macronutrients.

By chemical composition, they are long-chain amino acids, which break into millions of smaller parts, in many ways, building different types of cells, and they are also called “builders.” In its cycle, the body produces most of the amino acids, but there are some that need to be compensated. Their level increases with the intake of protein-rich foods.

What are the best sources of protein and what are the dangerous ones?

The best and most useful are the proteins of animal meat. It contains all the essential amino acids. And other foods, such as vegetables and fruit, have a similar composition, but not entirely. Therefore, it’s necessary to combine several vegs to bring in all the essential amino acids. Only meat contains everything in one. However, you must make a difference between healthy beef and processed products that carry many harmful effects.

The truth is, with fast foods, you bring in the necessary proteins, but also excessive sugar or fat. Frozen or fast foods contain flavor enhancers, additives, and toxins that will have an adverse effect on your health. Also, the excessive amount of proteins from fast food can lead to complications in the kidneys.

How to choose and prepare a meat meal?

The meat is a desirable food if you have not decided to be a vegetarian. Purchasing and supplying meat is a big job, and you should be picky. Many meat producers use antibiotics and steroids that remain in the food we buy. Therefore, it is essential to select the supplier carefully, choose organic products and avoid GMOs.

Procenutively, daily intake of proteins concerning the whole diet should be about 25%, balanced with intake of good fats and carbs.

How will you prepare the meat – it is imperative. Avoid high temperatures because carcinogens and toxins are formed at the time. Use coconut or avocado oil. Olive oil is good in combination with meat because it does not contain protein by itself but is an excellent blend of antioxidants and good fats, such as omega9. Also, it will contribute to the tastes of every food.

What are the alternatives for vegetarians and vegans?

If you have given up of the animal meat, then you will have to combine a bit more. There are a lot of proteins in dairy products, also vegetables, but not enough amino acids. So, for example, you would have to make a eat beans and rice, hummus and pie for one meal. And you can always get healthy things like walnuts or cheese. You do not have to take proteins according to precise mathematical calculation, but yes, make sure to bring your daily needs.

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