Radishes- Little Red Vitamin Bombs

Radishes- Little Red Vitamin Bombs

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Radishes are the Spiced heralds of the spring. Spiced in salads or fresh as an addition to a slice of bread with spread- radishes are great vitamin bombs.  Its Latin name Raphanus sativus which literally means cultivated cabbage. In ancient Rome, the workers received radishes as salary, and for the Egyptian slaves were a daily meal. The ancient Greeks worshiped them so much that they sacrificed on golden trays for their gods. In the Middle Ages, they had a negative meaning because they were considered by men to be a symbol of strife and conflict. These days, they are one of the most requested types of vegetables in the world.

Beneficial properties

They are rich in fibers, vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, and contain very few calories, which makes them an excellent food for the spring cleaning of the body. Several studies have shown that radishes include components (isothiocyanates and anthocyanins), which are considered to be excellent fighters against cancer. The fiber content of radishes makes them very effective in preventing and combating colon cancer. It is recommended for all those suffering from chronic bronchitis or asthma. Namely, radishes can act as a medicine against congestion, constipation of the nose and respiratory tract. They are among the best vegetables for those with cardiovascular problems, they lower cholesterol, regulate diabetes, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Cleaning the body

Eating a radish stimulates the work of the liver and cleanse the blood. Radish fibers regulate the discharge of the intestine, so you effectively eliminate toxins and prevent the occurrence of constipation. In addition to cleaning the kidneys, this vegetable (especially radish juice) is very useful in preventing urinary tract infections. Radish juice (preferably mixed with other vegetables or fruits, such as carrots and apples) can alleviate symptoms, as well as tingling during urinary tract infections, and help you get rid of the disease more quickly. All of this has been said about radishes, and this is undoubtedly an excellent food, a snack for those people who want to lose weight.

Skin care and beauty

Radishes are incredibly useful for the skin. Namely, with their help, you can solve acne (and those that persistent and problematic) by drinking juice and rubbing masks with radishes. This vegetable is anti-inflammatory, contains vitamin C and antioxidants. Not only can it relieve stings and bite the insect but also solve your problem with the pimples and acne. You need to attack them both from the inside and from the inside. Make daily a face wash – to remove grease and dirt. Make a paste in the blender from the radish, mix with some water, and apply on the face gently rubbing the fingertips. Wash, collect excess water with a towel and wait for 5 minutes to completely dry the skin. You can fight against dandruff with radishes. Eat radishes more often and rub juices on hair, wrap with a towel, and wash thoroughly after an hour.

How to Keep Radishes Fresh?

Always look for medium-sized radishes (because they are the best flavors). The root must be completely firm if they have dried up and if they are softer, it means that their deadline has passed. The leaves should be light green, and the red membrane is smooth and not cracking. To keep the radishes fresh and for seven days, separate them from other vegetables. Remove the dirt and wash them in cold water. When dry, hand them in a bag that you put on paper towels. Squeeze the excess air out and close the bag firmly

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