Seven Reasons Why Dragon Fruit Is So Much Popular

 Seven Reasons Why Dragon Fruit Is So Much Popular

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Dragon Fruit

Also known as pitahaya or strawberry pear, this exotic fruit takes up more and more place in nutritional plans and magazines about healthy food. Besides being very active and can be said, the favorite model of the army of stock artists, thanks to purple-pink skin and polka-dotted grain core, dragon fruit has many health benefits.

This superfood is not difficult to find today, it’s present in almost every supermarket, fresh or frozen. The reasons why dragon fruit should be included in your menu are many, and we selected seven of the most important:

Rich in nutrients

This exotic fruit is the real source of nutrients. It contains all the necessary vitamins to be used daily, but it is also rich in fibers, which is an essential item for healthy nutrition and proper digestion. Suppose one serving contains less than 140 calories, 3 grams of protein and no fats at all. It has about 29 grams of carbs and even 7g of fiber. Also, the dragon fruit is full of magnesium, iron, and vitamins E and D, necessary especially in the winter season.

Dragon Fruit is a huge help in the fight against chronic diseases

These fruits are a significant antioxidant, which means they neutralize free radicals in the body. It contains vitamin C, beta-carotene, lycopene, and betalain. In this way, their destructive effect on the cells is prevented, so as the inflammation. This is a great way to combat chronic illnesses such as heart disease and many forms of cancer.

A digestive paradise, a wealth of fibers

Experts recommend a daily intake of fibers between 25 and 38 grams, different for men and women. It is known that fibers from food, which are more effective than supplements, have the role of toxin cleaners, an effect on the functioning of the digestive tract. Dragon fruit contains in one portion nearly a quarter of the necessary daily amount. Fibers can cleanse the body but also prevent chronic diseases, for example, colon cancer.

Dragon fruit and healthy intestines

Our guts contain about 100 trillion different microorganisms. What we know is that good bacteria in the intestines are necessary for the proper functioning of the digestive system in general. Dragon fruit is a fruit that contains a probiotic, and we know that probiotic is essential for the maintenance of new good bacteria in the stomach. In addition to the richness of the fibers, dragon fruit is also the reason why this is just an excellent choice of foods for people who have problems with digestion.

Boost the immune system

Like any superfood, dragon fruit equally has a positive impact on the general health of the organism, that is, the strengthening of our natural defense system. If we take into account all that we have already stated above, it destroys free radicals, which means it provides white blood cells to perform their function smoothly. Vitamin C and carotenoids directly boost the immune system very efficiently.

Fruit that turns food into a power

It is assumed that only 30% of the world’s population delivers enough iron through the diet. Dragon fruit in one portion contains about 8%, which is a significant figure. Rarely, the food in the fresh form can have this kind of composition. Iron is demanded because it allows the oxygen to flow through the body and allows the nutrients to turn into pure energy. Fruits are a great help for anyone who needs some extra power.

Magnesium source

Did you know that magnesium, even if it appears in the organism in seemingly small quantities, participates in more than 600 chemical reactions? Muscle development, bone strengthening and also the formation of DNA. It is a necessary mineral for our health and in dragon fruit gain even 18% per serving.

A piece of advice – when buying this fruit, it should be chosen similarly as if you were selecting an avocado. If its mildly prickly skin is still pale, the fruit is still raw. Choose one with a bright red color. A lot of bruises on the skin indicate that the dragon fruit has already ripened and should be avoided. Open it with a knife, similar to an avocado, and use the spoon to eat the tasty white part with the seeds, inside. It is excellent for salads, smoothies or light snacks.

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