Being Vegan and Gaining Weight – Basic Vegan Diet

Being Vegan and Gaining Weight – Basic Vegan Diet

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Switching entirely to the vegan diet is an excellent decision in life. It will bring a lot of changes in the first few months. People opt for vegan diet from different conviction or for a healthy lifestyle. Many consider that animal origin foods are harmful to the human organism and that the nutrients we get from meat, milk, and eggs can be replaced by some other sources. Others are not so sure about that. Why is that? First, because a vegan diet generally leads to weight loss in the first phase practice. Secondly, meat lovers believe you can damage your health if you eat only vegetables, especially if you have an active life and intense training.

Nutritionists and experts, among whom the author of the book ‘Healing Superfoods for Anti-Aging: Stay Younger, Live Longer,’ believe that maintaining body weight is possible with a diet based on herbs. Moreover, they give advice on how to gain weight with a vegan diet. Here below is an excellent recommendation of fruit, vegetables, and plants that contain enough nutrients to have the body you want and stay absolutely healthy, and omit the foods of animal origin. You may need a little more time to find the accurate measure, for purchase and preparation, but it is not impossible, for sure.

Protein from plants

Proteins build muscle.  They are essential. First not so wise decision of the people who work out intensively is to use a protein powder. Usually, the excuse is – there is not enough protein in vegan food. Incorrectly. Powders are not the worst possible choice, and it is true that plant-based nutrition can be full of carbs. Again, certain plant-based foods are abundant of proteins. Their inclusion in your vegan diet would be sufficient input.

These include beans, tofu, and even protein-rich grains such as quinoa and much more.

Nuts and nut butter

Nuts are a great choice of food when you give up meat and milk. Nuts and a lot of kinds of butter made from them can add mass. They are nutritious, full of protein and good fats. This fruit family is giving us so many health benefits.

In your vegan diet, be sure to put in nuts, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, Brazilian and Indian walnuts, peanut butter and the like.

Avocado as a calorie source

Avocado is one of the favorite fruits of all world nutritionists. This highly nutritious fruit has a neutral taste and can be easily combined in a vegan diet. What matters is the source of the necessary calories that are essential for active day and energy production.

Carbs and vegan diet

It is essential to point out that equally, this type of diet has its own junk food variant. Refined grains, for example. Stay away from them, they are just as damaging as any other junk food. On the other hand, whole grains may be an excellent source of essential carbohydrates and fiber, as bulgur or quinoa. Also, veg cheese and mac have a perfect amount of carbs.

Herbal milk

There are more and more health food producers who offer you products from herbal milk. It is a perfect substitute for milk not only in a vegan diet but also in people who are intolerant to lactose or other milk ingredients. And there are more options here, depending on which nutrients you need. If you want to lose weight, do not buy low-calorie milk.

Choose soy, almond, Indian walnut or rice.

To order delicious chicken and eat milk chocolate … or settle on a vegan diet, it is the question of choice. Both options can be healthy and bring benefits to your body. The decision for one or the other is not the decision to lose weight or get fat. It’s a matter of balance and the best combination of meals and nutrients for you.

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