What If We Eat Only Potatoes?

What If We Eat Only Potatoes?

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He’s not Matt Damon, nor is Martian, but this Australian will try to live a year just on potatoes

Remember Damon’s movie, Martian, when he succeeds in cultivating potatoes on Mars and remains alive? One 36-year-old Australian, Andrew Taylor is ready to make a similar examination on himself – life on potatoes solely. The young man has already begun with his diet, and in one month he posted a picture on Facebook with 10 kg less. Someone who wants to lose weight would say it’s not bad, but what would specialists say? What are the effects of consuming only one type of food for such a long period?

What can Taylor expect in a year from his potato – diet?

Nutritional value of potatoes is in many ways satisfactory. If you eat up to 3 kg a day, you have enough calories for an adult (about 2000). Also, potatoes are a great source of carbs and fibers. However, they lack protein. With about 60g of protein – how many adults will enter through potato-diets, they will be short of needed amino acids.

Potatoes also do not contain excessive fat (only 9g per 3 kg ). The lack of essential fats will not provide the decompose of vitamins A, D, E. Also, limiting to a single food leaves us without the Omega3 complex that is found in fish meat. When we are at vitamins, sweet potatoes got them in a surprising amount. However, even if he lives in a sunny Australia, Taylor will miss D and B12 that are supplied through the diet. This deficiency would manifest itself over time as energy loss, exhaustion, and anemia.

Lack of zinc in the diet – the next problem with potato. The need of a quantity per day is over 9 mg. This deficiency will manifest itself through a decline in immunity, an unfortunate appearance of the skin, lips, slower healing of the wound.

The composition and nutritional value of sweet potato also depends on the soil in which it was grown. This also varies the number of minerals that Taylor can bring in enough quantities that might be missing. Most likely iodine and selenium.

Is some other food a better choice?

For a short period, whatever is consumed as the only source of food – it cannot harm (if you are on a desert island or Mars). Yet for a long time, the body searches for balance in the variety of ingredients. You can say that the Australian has made a good choice with potatoes. If he chose some fruit, for example, he would have to bring an incredibly massive amount per day to bring in the necessary values. But, be careful and prepare it properly. Potatoes contain solanine, a poison that appears in a lot of circumstances if the potato is kept in the light if it is green or raw. Solanine causes vomiting, dizziness, fever, headache.

Therefore, if you are ready for this or similar exam, store more recipes for preparing potatoes. Otherwise, this food can get bored quickly. In addition to the one-sided taste and the lack of reason to punish yourself with potato-diet, the organism needs a palette of foods – and this should be used as long as it is available to us.

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