10 Tips To Stop Biting Nails

10 Tips To Stop Biting Nails

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Many people just can not go – they grunge nails anytime and anywhere. Completely mechanical and unconscious … Some do it well from boredom … Since biting is a pleasure for those people, it relaxes them and relieves tension – it’s hard to give up on this habit.

Let Your Nails Shine Again

If you are one of those who gnaws nails, do not miss these 10 tips. They will help you to overcome this habit, which is not only wrong and non-aesthetic but also poses a potential danger to your health. Snoring and nail cuts can cause pain and even fingers wounds.

If this happens often, the nails can get infected and transferred to the mouth with nails. Therefore, nail snacking for a long time can cause a distorted growth of nails and their deformation.

10 Tips to Stop This Bad Habit

Self-Control. The primary step is to get to know yourself and your habits. Pay attention to the situations in which you snort your nails and what emotions you have while you are doing it. Most likely, you will discover something that can help you in further rehab.

Imagine You Have Nice Nails. Imagine that you have beautiful, long and healthy nails. Start with one nail. If you succeed with one, it can be your motive to continue with other nails.

Find the Cause of Biting. After you recognize the situations where you usually bute your nails, try to find the reason for this. If the reason for this is the current stress, fight with it using techniques of relaxation, exercise, more sleep, less daily tasks. If the cause is general tension, try to learn new ways to fight the discomfort, find something else that will help you to calm down and more easily deal with everyday problems.

Step by Step. Set yourself first short-term goals and try to achieve them. Short-term goals lead long-term. The longer you behave in line with your goals and the prize will be higher. If you are not aware at all times of biting your nails, ask some dear person to remind you and remind you each time to stop.

Quick Solutions – Lacquer or cream. You can use nail polish or special anti-snake creams. The taste of these is bitter and unpleasant. However, if you become accustomed to this taste over a long time and start to scratch your nails again – replace this tool for someone like that.  Girls can quickly and effectively protect their nails in beauty salons – by placing artificial nails.

Nice and Firm Nails. Minerals, calcium, and magnesium primarily affect the appearance of nails. Take them at recommended doses, regardless of whether you will do this through diet or dietary supplements. Nail enhancers can be purchased at pharmacies.

Find Some Other Habit. Some people, for example, like to knock on fingers, and you may be enough to control your palm or choose a creative habit, such as drawing. Compression of anti-stress balls also helps, as it is intended to relieve you of stress. In moments of weakness, you can also use your mouth to turn your thoughts into something else-for example, chewing gum or biting crackers.

Hide Nails. You can hide your nails and resist resistance to temptation. Put gloves or patches. Apply to the cuticles and damaged skin, apply the cream to correct the effects of snoring as soon as possible.

Never “set” Nails with Teeth Again. Always have a nail set at hand. In this way, you will not fall into temptation if you have a toothbrush or a nail, or suddenly think that your nails are too long.

Be Persistent. Biting is a habit that you can get rid of very quickly. You must be aware of the harmfulness of such a habit, you must have patience, will, and self-discipline.

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