11 Things We Can Hear Only From Our Best Friends!

11 Things We Can Hear Only From Our Best Friends!

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Our best friends are the keepers of all things: our secrets, our lives’ highlights, as well as our lives’ lowlights. They know the good and the bad about us and will call us on it like no other, as we have a tight connection with them. Nothing comes between us or threatens us. As psychologists say, out attachment is secure. This is the reason why there are some things which only our best friends can say to us, and no one else can – not even a love partner.

1. Our best friends can tell us if the outfit we are wearing just does not jive.

2. When we are slacking on our work and we are not giving it our all, our best friends will be the one to say that that is not our best and that we know it.

3. If we are being a bridezilla, our besties will tap our shoulder and say that we should quit it.

4. When we are “thirsty” and we have our eye on someone, our best friends will know even if we don’t tell them.

5. When we are self – destructing, our besties will tell us even if it is hard for them to summon the courage.

6. When we are hanging with the wrong people, our best friends are there to point that out.

7. If we had too much to drink, our besties will be there to suggest us to get cut off and fast.

8. When the love between us and our partner start becoming real, our best friends will notice that and they will say to us that the person is good for us.

9. If we are gaining weight or we are gone way overboard from that diet we have been meaning to stick to, there will be our bestie calling us out.

10. When we are in a bad relationship and that is toxic to our happiness, our best friends are going to tell us and pray to listen to them.

11. Best friends are here to hear our negative self – talk and tell us that we need to give ourselves a break. And we should also listen.

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