13 Signs to Recognize a Genuine Person!

13 Signs to Recognize a Genuine Person!

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A person that is genuine is honest, sincere, as well as very hard to find. While a lot of people put up a facade of being a genuine person, with some higher moral purpose, most of them fail when it comes to some little things or when they are put through trying times.

A truly genuine person can be rarely found and if you do come across one such sometimes, you must cherish them and keep them close as well. Here, we are going to present you 13 signs which distinguish a genuine person from other people:

1. They value justice.

They fight for what is actually right and they see it as a great achievement when justice is rightly serviced. Everyone should be treated fairly in their eyes.

2. They own up to their actions.

When they make some mistake, they take responsibility for it. They will not let anyone else bear the brunt of their misdoings.

3. They treat everyone with respect.

Unless someone gives them a genuine reason not too, they treat everyone with utmost respect and dignity.

4. They are patient with everyone.

Patience is a virtue that they possess. And they give ample attention to stories, problems, as well as dilemmas of people and so on without losing their cool.

5. Their actions speak louder than words.

They do not make hollow promises, and they fight tooth and nail in order to come through with a promise that they have made.

6. They are trustworthy.

People generally trust them with their secrets and they know their promises of secrecy are ironclad.

7. They treat people in the way they want to be treated.

They believe in being the bigger person, as well as in treating everyone the way in which they want to be treated.  In addition, they have a kitty full of good karma because of this.

8. They are aware of their limitations.

These people know that there are certain things which are just not meant for them.

9. They value their self – esteem.

They are self – aware enough not to let their self – esteem be broken by some small or superficial things.  Furthermore, they take pride in who they are and will not let anyone else think otherwise.

10. They define their own life path.

Genuine people choose their own path and follow it by being true to who they are.

11. They do not expect things in return for their help.

They help people and offer their niceness to others wholeheartedly. And they will never really expect anything in return. They help people in need without thinking about how they would be useful to them.

12. They do not judge people.

When they meet someone for the first time, they set aside their personal bias and treat them with respect no matter where they come from. They are above judgment based on anything which is not in their control.

13. They speak their mind.

They may be kind but they are also not a doormat or yes man. Moreover, they will speak their mind when something bothers them and they will not shy away from brutal honesty.





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