How to Alleviate Cramps- Nightmare For Babies and Parents

How to Alleviate Cramps- Nightmare For Babies and Parents

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Stomach cramps are painful, both for the baby and for parents. Although they can not be eliminated entirely, there are ways to alleviate them.

The stomach cramps are the “nightmare” of all parents. Although (almost) inevitable, their intensity, frequency, and duration vary from baby to baby. They appear suddenly, without any cause, last for a while and then disappear. And so from day to day, until one day they are completely lost. For parents, this period is very stressful and exhausting, but there is no panic. A baby suffering from cramps is not sick and what it feels will not cause permanent consequences for her health. Although it often seems that cramps will never stop, symptoms often recede quickly as they appear. However, until this happens, we suggest several methods that will make life easier for your baby and yourself.

How to Alleviate Cramps?

To be understood: it’s not about illness, it’s not your fault, and the baby will be better in time. Therefore, try out all the methods at your disposal every day.


Experts recommend that you cut off the breastfeeding in half and make the baby burp. Repeat same at the end of the day. Also, do not let the baby cry for a meal before the meal, because it will get too much air in.

Swing Baby Gently

Gently swing the baby, holding it close to the chest so that it can feel the warmth of your body and heartbeat. This position and movements seem relaxing. Additionally, take it out in a walk or even on a car ride. The sound of the engine and the vibration of the vehicle on some little ones seem calming.

Little Help Of Pharmacist

Various herbal remedies can be obtained in all pharmacies for alleviating anxiety in the baby’s stomach. They help decompose lactose into milk, making it easier to digest. However, before you decide to apply them, be sure to consult a pediatrician, and before applying, carefully read the composition and the instructions for use.

Magic Massage

A proper massage is an excellent way to help the baby get rid of “trapped” air in the stomach. Rub a bit of olive oil between the fingers and, gentle movements with the tips of two fingers (clockwise), massage the baby’s abdomen from the navel to the outside. Grab the circles gradually. Repeat the process as often as your baby is comfortable. Massage the baby for an hour before it usually starts to cry, but not immediately after a meal.

Herbal Products

Some mothers noticed that the soothing effect of chamomile is transmitted to the baby if they drink tea an hour or two before breastfeeding. Even if in this way you can not wholly eliminate the baby’s problems, you will be calmer, and that’s something. If you keep the baby on a bottle, give her a few teaspoons of mild tea from the chamomile after a meal.

Peace and Quiet

According to a scientific theory, cramps occur due to excessive stimulation from different sources. That’s why the baby needs some time to spend in peace and quiet without having to deal with various disorders, including older children, toys, artificial lighting. Place it in a room where nothing will interfere, do not play with her nor talk to her.

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