When You Have a Bad Day, It’s Very Important To Know How to Keep Positive Thoughts

When You Have a Bad Day, It’s Very Important To Know How to Keep Positive Thoughts

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Some days just don’t work as you want and as much as you try to correct them, it does not work. Often it is a tip for such days to take a deep breath, but sometimes meditation and proper breathing cannot fix a bad day.

You may not have slept, or nightmare has shaken you. You may have woken up with a bitter taste in your mouth after yesterday’s quarrel. Sometimes you do not even know why – you’re just unhappy.

Regardless of the reason, all of us sometimes stand on our left leg. On mornings when this happens, the best you can do is try to get rid of that mood as soon as possible.

Change the story              

When you see that the day goes all the way down, keep in mind that you labeled it so. It’s time to change your view of the day because after you have already labeled it ‘bad’ and the good that happens, you might look negative. Try to figure out what is the first thing that has suggested that this day is bad and maybe it’s a problem in that matter, not all day. When you discover the one thing that creates the problem, you will realize that it is not all day terrible and that you can definitely solve this problem.


Honest laughter can fix every day. Get out with a friend who makes you laugh, take a funny feline video on the internet, or watch a series that’s funny to you. If none of this comes up, remember that your problems from a “bad day” will probably seem ridiculous in the near future.

Take a shower

Shower metaphorically can help to “clean” the negativity. Take a quick shower- alternate cold and hot water to increase circulation,

Find someone who will tell you what you want to hear

When the day is awful, call reinforcements. Meet with a friend who will listen and comfort you.

Take a walk through the park

If you are in the office or indoors, and you feel that it’s bad, walk to any green area. Research has shown that staying in nature reduces anxiety and negative emotions, so your short stay in nature will help you not to look at the day so black.

Pet an animal

Petting an animal can improve your mood, self-esteem, and well-being. Go to nearest far, or pet some dog or cat in your neighborhood or building. Animals need our attention as much as we need them.

Say “Thanks”

Gratitude is a powerful tool. Sometimes it is difficult to be grateful, especially in situations where you are not in the business you love, in a relationship, in a city, country, or place where you want to be. Write on a paper the things you are grateful at this time and remind yourself of these things during the day as often as possible. Be thankful for the little things: because you listen to birds singing, you feel the air entering and coming out through your body giving you this life.

Give and receive a hug

Spread and spend love as much as you can. Lift others. Share your story or just listen to someone. What the world needs now is love. A human touch is a form of therapy, so next time you’re feeling bad, call out your companion, a close friend, or a family member for a hug.

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