How to Beat That Monday Morning Feeling?

How to Beat That Monday Morning Feeling?

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Ah, that Monday again

An unforgettable weekend in a mountain cabin or two days of laziness in front of the TV – whatever you did this Saturday and Sunday, the feeling was so good. Sunday is the holy day, and the one before is nothing less important. After a hard working week and a lot of tasks to do, we all need a bit of free time and rest. But when Sunday slowly comes to an end, we need to activate the alarm and select the outfit for tomorrow. At that moment, we think about the traffic jam, stressful meetings, bills, and all that start the light terror of Monday morning – the melancholy feeling we have already begun to experience as an epidemic of the modern world.

Nevertheless, Monday morning fear is a feeling we created in our heads by ourselves. We also did it as children, before the first day of school, and keep on doing it until the retirement. Simply, during the weekend, mind accustoms to a slower rate, we get relaxed and calm. Return to work and responsibilities is stress. But, what if we design a system by which we could quickly adapt to the new week?

It’s not Monday morning, maybe it’s a problem in your profession?

Make a good layout in your life, and most importantly, you need to love your job. After all, one smart bet quote says – You do not hate Monday morning, the problem is in your profession.

A couple of tips on how to trick you Monday morning mood


  1. Make a good plan for the whole week. It is best to enter a new working week with clear business goals and motivation for new achievements. If you make a plan and have a vision of what you can do in the next five days, how you will share your responsibilities and match them with things that make you happy, then you will experience Monday morning as a beginning of a new victory.
  2. Have a good night’s sleep. If you still feel the euphoria of Saturday night even if it’s Sunday evening, that does not mean you need to continue with the party. Be aware that the weekend has passed and it’s time for a light dinner and a soft bed. Before Monday morning, give yourself a good sleep, so you will get up early in the morning and be fresh and connected to new triumphs.
  3. Choose a healthy and tasty breakfast for Monday morning. The weekend is a great time to plan and prepare healthy meals for the following week. Start with a great and quality meal that will satisfy you. Hungry people are nervous!
  4. Start Monday full of positive energy. If you step across the door all grumpy and in a bad mood, better call for a sick day and go back to bed. This is not the way to start a week. No, it’s not superstition, it’s about spreading some good vibrations to people around you. If you start a day with a smile, this positive energy will come back to you, for sure. Make your office a happy workplace.
  5. Never burn yourself at the start. Maybe Monday morning act so scary because you have given yourself a challenging task. People often start the new week with full gas. They get tired. The rest of the week is not so productive. Try dosing your obligations. Make a break and chill. There’s time for everyone.
  6. Plan mid-week events. If you get into a job with the intention to work 24/7 for the next 5 days, we believe that Monday morning will not bring too much joy. Conversely, plan an enjoyable activity, event or party in the middle of the week. It does not have to be anything too hard or requires a long stay at night, alcohol and physical activity, but, relax your mind for a few hours. Have fun.
  7. Give yourself a reward. When you get up early, set your mind on some sweet dessert or a new pair of shoes that you will be treating yourself with this week. You may be able to finally buy airline tickets for Paris or the upcoming season of your favorite club. It’s necessary to give yourself a reason for getting up early, and why you go to work on every Monday morning.
  8. Change the job. In the end, if nothing can move you any more, and you still have a heavy stomach feeling every time you have to go for work, then the problem is really bigger than the usual Monday morning mood. Then it’s time to consider some other options and start doing what fills you and make it happy.

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