Can You Make a Difference Between a Psychotherapist and a Life Coach When You Ask for Help?

Can You Make a Difference Between a Psychotherapist and a Life Coach When You Ask for Help?

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Professional help in difficult life situations is the best solution. It should be clear, we cannot deal with everything on our own. But when you find yourself in a dilemma, a problem, or a bad psychic state, the question is, do you know are you finding the adequate aid? Therapy or life coaching? Well, both exist for the same goal, to help you overcome and proceed on. But how does the first one actually works, and how does the other? Who is a psychotherapist and his work, and what is a definition of a life coach?

Different professional standards

The first difference is in education. And if we are entirely sure that many life coaches can reach every single person with their convincing stories and make a miracle, therapists are people who have finished school, a diploma and a license to provide therapy, as well as training for recognizing psychological problems with patients.

Life coach, with all the respect, can be everyone. This only regarding education. He can be a teacher, a pastor, former athlete, even a former drug addict. However, for this job, he receives a certificate. It is not ordered by any law. Yet, you must know that he is not necessarily an educated or specialized person if this criterion is crucial for you. Choosing this kind of session and trust to the life coach is absolutely your will and decision.

Goals and methods used by psychotherapists and life coaches

A psychotherapist is a part of the health care organization that deals with mental health. Patients are often mentally ill, with serious traumas, addicts or with severe psychological impairments. His role is to treat the causes of a psychological disorder or illness, returning to the past, to sources and trauma, fears that lead to such conditions in patients. After that, the psychotherapist processes the received information and together with patient works to overcome the problem. This process may include other healthcare workers, institutions, and medicaments, for which a therapist is authorized to prescribe.

Life Coach will work with people who have a problem to show their full potential or lack of self-confidence. The surge is that these are mentally healthy people who just can’t find the right way to travel through life. The life coach will help them find the answers that are already hidden in themselves. By life coaching, clients can learn the necessary steps to achieve goals. Their work is significant, for example, in the case of painful divorce, emotional loss, insufficiency of inspiration, ideas and will,  for things that sprout life. The coach will teach you to set priorities, appreciate yourself and your work, organize your life and adapt to society. You must admit, fundamental skills whose disability in a person can cause major psychological disorders.

Diagnosis, transcription and treatment costs

The psychotherapist has his office and the famous couch. He has personal sessions with patients that last from 45 minutes to one hour.  How many meetings a patient needs, the doctor decides after he estimates the patient’s mental state and gives a diagnosis. The therapists work mainly on private sessions, although there are those who practice the method of group therapy. What matters is that a psychotherapist can act only in the territory of the state that issues the license for work.

Since the psychotherapist is a profession subject to all state laws, he can give a diagnosis and prescribe medications. Thus, most of the psychotherapy is covered by health insurance. Some specific mental states, again by the assessment of the psychotherapist, are treated additionally.

A life coach does not have to work with patients personally. This profession has become famous for the past two decades when it quickly spread on the Internet. Therefore, it’s not surprising there are so many online sessions, joint groups, and workshops where coaches provide their services, give advice and talk about life. The second thing, in this practice life coaches, often use “packages” of services- training that lasts from 2 to several weeks and includes steps and levels of self-improvement. Base on this they are also charging to their customers. In fact, taking a life coach service can be seen as a kind of quality socialization and a sense of belonging. However, there have been many proven cases when just one telephone call to someone in this practice, saved a life. And that should not be taken for granted.

The choice is on you, but try to be honest with yourself

If you’re stuck somewhere in your life, and can’t go any further, find someone to give you a hand. A life coach can be your best friend, family member. But nevertheless, these people are trained to, faster and without any harm, get with you through some serious transformations you need in your life. Consider any kind of their help as a positive move. At first, consider your desire to be better as your greatest success.

If you are, in the other hand, are sinking in deeper emotions and cannot get through, you have to look at yourself with more objective eyes. Sometimes, the burden that you carry is too heavy, traumas, fears, bad memories. You must contact a psychotherapist. He will help you, just like to millions of people around the world, to return to the right path.

The choice is yours. For your successes, you have most of the credits, but also if you fall, don’t blame the insufficiently professional approach of the person you paid to make you better. With any therapy that is chosen, your feedback is only important and relevant. So clutch your teeth and admit to yourself what you really need.

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