Dermal Fillers- Popularity and Side Effects

Dermal Fillers- Popularity and Side Effects

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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can better and faster than any serum or cream ‘erase’ the signs of aging, and their popularity grows day by day. To look young – is an obsession of many women and men, and in this effort, they often turn away from the right path. There are a few typical mistakes people make, but the most common is the loss of feelings for the ‘right measure,’ and they exaggerate – in the amount of intervention, what is the age limit they want to ‘descend.’

What are the dermal fillers that are so much talked about?

This is a procedure for the safest remedy of wrinkles on the face, neck and neckline skin. By inserting a pure hyaluronic of the well-known and well-known manufacturers, the fascinating result you see after three weeks. The intervention lasts 15 minutes. Filters are a medical product of hyaluronic acid that is injected below the wrinkles. They fill the wrinkles and, in a short time, rejuvenate the face. It is precisely the speed of this procedure and the results that can not match the effects of using any cream or serum, the main reasons why this treatment has become extremely popular. In combination with botox, filers try to stop aging and soft the rough face, fill the wrinkles and lips, and raise the cheeks. But with the development of the methods mentioned above, there is also a wild market in which there are unprofessional people who are in the first place earning and shoving the shadow on the waist. Believe it, or not-interventions perform in the back rooms of beauty salons, dental clinics, home visits. The biggest problem is that an unskilled person can hardly be identified at first sight, before damage is done.

Low price-reason for doubt

It is important to recognize an incompetent person in advance, look for references, recommendations and information on the Internet, which in the modern age has progressed. An important indicator that speaks of a ‘murky business’ is the price of dermal fillers. The reasons are many, from fake fillers, diluted results, or it’s all just’ squealing ‘for inexperienced, warns. He adds that, unfortunately, the results after the procedure are much clearer as to whether the work was done by an expert or an unlicensed person.

Complications are noticeable

Experts explain that the eyebrows, the stretched face, the swollen face, or the duck’s mouth are a sign that the doctor has no expertise or experience. In addition to the listed negative effects, in a minority of cases, severe damage to the nerves or arteries occurs, and the consequences are severe and lasting. The great news is that in most situations it is possible to repair damage and repair it. In the case of an excessive botox, it is only necessary to wait for the effect to slow, tolerate for two to three months, but there are also methods that can accelerate. In the case of a poorly injected dermal filler, a natural enzyme of hyaluronidase can be used, by which a bad filer can be dissolved and removed, even if at times it only requires a robust medical massage. If the face is disproportionately treated (for example, unequal lips), the addition of the filler results in excellent results.

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