Detoxify Your Body and Benefit from The Natural Remedy – Activated Charcoal

Detoxify Your Body and Benefit from The Natural Remedy – Activated Charcoal

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Activated Charcoal

You probably think charcoal is intended to be in use for a barbecue grill, but a lot of people haven’t discovered the core performance of activated charcoal yet. I bet you wouldn’t even notice it on the store shelves while shopping! Actually, it is a lot different than the charcoal used for grilling, and it is the essential natural remedy you would desire to have in your home as soon as you discover all the benefits!

Activated charcoal is mostly made of coconut shells and resembles a delicate, black powder used to detoxify harmful elements in your body, which can also be the main component of beauty and personal care. If you want to cling to all natural ingredients, you can find the one without GMO or sweetener-free. It perfectly assists you with all digestive issues – from overeating and stomach flu to food poisoning, so it could be an essential remedy to carry anywhere, especially when traveling!

Go through the list of activated charcoal benefits and choose those that suit you best:

1.Natural teeth whitener

If you want to avoid the artificial products that will only temporary whiten your teeth, the charcoal is the right choice. Regardless of the drinks you usually consume, it helps with removing stains and plaque due to use of fizzy drinks and sweets. Before you invade your toothbrush into the charcoal, wet it a bit and then brush them, as usual, leaving the mixture for a few minutes. After that, brush your teeth with the ordinary toothpaste. It is recommended that you do it a couple of times a week.

2.Gas and bloatedness remedy

It is a real cure for food that cannot be easily digested thus provoking intestinal gases. If you already know before the meal, that it won’t comfy you, take 500mg in pill form an hour before that particular meal and don’t forget to drink it with a glass of water.

3.Get rid of the stomach bug or food poisoning

A lot of toxins may appear in your body made by certain infections that can be suppressed with the activated charcoal, such as food poisoning or stomach bug. If you can feel it coming, take 500 mg, 2-3 times a day during the whole week. Just to remind you, drink the water with this homemade medicine and the best solution is to prevent it at the first sign of the stomach discomfort.

There are specific amounts of this medicine that have to be taken under the supervision of medical staff, so before you consider taking other doses of it check with your medical care provider. The previously mentioned dose of the drink is reason enough to appease the discomfort of poisoning or stomach bug.

4.The natural method to detoxify your body

If you think of cleansing your whole body, as well as the digestive tract, use activated charcoal, for it removes the toxins already accumulated there. The dose of 250 mg for 5-7 days would be enough to help work it out, or you can talk to your doctor for further instructions. Just be sure you take in the necessary water to help with removing the toxins out of the body.

5.Dismiss the notion of a hangover ever again!

Whether you are getting ready for your drinking season or just for the night, to prevent the possible and unwanted hangover, use 250-500 mg of activated charcoal!

6.Relieve insect bites

Insect bites may seem harmless but are very nasty and intolerable. To reduce the time of discomfort mix the emptied content of one capsule of charcoal with a bit of coconut oil and put it in the afflictive area. Repeat the process until the redness and itching disappear, often 30 minutes would be sufficient.

7.Detox the skin and make your own facial scrub

To remove impurities on the skin that occasionally appear due to makeup and improper care, add activated charcoal to your homemade facial cleanser. Besides, you can make your own peeling mask recipe with this natural ingredient to get rid of the blackheads.

8.Invent your own make-up!

It is also possible to have natural makeup on your face, so just mix the activated charcoal powder with a little water or coconut oil, and you will get perfectly natural eyeliner! The final touch is to use your brush and apply it to the skin!

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