Do Scientists Have A List of Things That Extend Life?

Do Scientists Have A List of Things That Extend Life?

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Elixirs, alchemy, fountains of youth, also as plastic surgery, cosmetics, exhausting diets; Can scientists really extend our life? If we take a look at where we are now, humanity has bought for itself a few decades more, compared to ancestors. It’s not bad at all. Nevertheless, we have fought with the notorious and deadly enemies of the past, but we have begun to cultivate some new ones that can cost us much. That’s why science works on this never-ending task – can aging be stopped?

Some scientists say it can, and believe it or not, by the habits and things that are all around us. Maybe we are not aware of it, but as we clean the house, pet the cat and laugh, we prolong our life. Here’s the rest of the proven factors that are found on the scientists lists of life elixirs:

1.Smile – laughing is a natural remedy for many things, but it also helps to get rid of bad energy and stress. Stress in modern times has become the main causative of many diseases and big enemy to men. Do not let it rule you. Always give space for a good joke, good news, and love that will put a smile on your face.

2. Singing – The scientists from the University of Washington have shown that people who sing in the choir have less health problems, as well as being less prone to depression and severe psychological changes. Like with a smile, singing reduces stress and stimulates endorphin, but also it is a breathing exercise, work of face muscles, the lungs, the abdomen.

3. Stay less angry – yet scientists from another study shows that explosive people have a shorter life than those who know how to control it and rarely express their anger.

4. A few extra pounds – interesting, as much as it is about healthy food and a proper diet, science proves that chubbies live longer than those who belong to fit or skinny. However, this means having a couple of pounds more never crossing into dangerous obesity.

5. Home Jobs – A British study shows that women who spend at least 17 hours a week in housework have a lower chance of breast cancer. Mild physical activity and movement have a positive effect on the health of women doing homework, but we do not believe that men would be harmed, equally.

6. Sex – as one of the fundamental human needs, is often too early excluded from everyday life. Studies show that middle-aged people who experience orgasm more often suffer less risk of heart disease and live longer.

7. Cats – you can love them or not, but the research done with over 1000 owners of these furry antistress helpers has shown that cats reduce stress, nervousness and mood disorders. Also, when purring, the cat produces vibrations with particular frequencies that positively affect our nervous system and reduce the risk of heart attack, cardiovascular disorders, and depression.

And so, scientists proved that many things in the world are valuable to our lives. On a Greek island, almost all residents experience deep aging, a professional dancer from Australia continues to dance at the age of 94, rich people in the body have more steroids necessary for longevity.

The world is changing, but indeed, there is always a lot of things that will make us laugh, tear, improve, sometimes break, but most importantly, there are numerous things worth living but also worth dying for.

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