Do You Feel Stuck? 5 Questions You Need to Answer to Get Out of the Routine and Set the Mind to a Better Course

Do You Feel Stuck? 5 Questions You Need to Answer to Get Out of the Routine and Set the Mind to a Better Course

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Where did all those great dreams and plans disappear? Remember how much you believed in yourself and wanted only big things? Somehow, as you grew up, you settled comfortably in a carefree routine and didn’t move a bit. Routine is deadly. So it is not really odd that you feel you’re stuck. You still have the impression that you need to do something, to start, but you never do.

On the other hand, it’s an average life that teaches you to stay in one place without even the slightest attempt. People get stuck, it happens to most. How many times, you delayed decisions, projects, missions … In the end, become unhappy with yourself? Worse, feeling weak and afraid to deal with important issues. What is taking you back?

Being stuck is hard. But you’re not alone. Many people, when faced with adulthood, realize that they may have missed the right education, career, hobbies. Millions have entered into marriages, obligations and then felt it is not what they wanted. Being stuck means feeling uncomfortable in your skin when your personal life seems to you to be stolen. Belongs to someone else, strange and uninteresting. When you recognize such things, it is urgent to shake up the routine and get unstuck. For a start, it is necessary to answer some difficult questions that you will not be able to ignore until the end of your life.

What keeps you down?

This is the question that requires the most complicated answer. An inner voice, or, yourself. It is the most common reason you’ve got stuck. That voice tells you that you are not intelligent enough, don’t have the skills, you will not persevere, not beautiful, people do not like you … Push it. Do it all to make that voice disappear. How are you going to do this? An inner voice is tasked with awakening fear in us. Go against it, do all the counter, prove what you can. Only this way, faced with fears, you will succeed in overcoming them.

If you wanted to become a writer, and you never had guts or believed that you were good at it, squeeze your teeth, write a short story. Publish it on the social network and get ready for the reactions. Only then you will come out of fear where you were stuck for a while.

Do you expect the approval?

People often get stuck because nobody told them they should work differently. Many expect their works and behavior to be approved by others. Okay, when we are kids, we wait for the approval of the parents. When we grow up, good advice is good enough. Don’t wait for society, friends, family to be judges in your life. They need to be there for you; you need to be socially adapted, but never follow the principles and rules that someone has laid out as a form. Feel unhappy at work, so quit it. If you want to run a marathon, it would be wise to buy suitable shoes.

What are you up to?

Just as fear can put you in a hard position, so as the lack of motivation. Remember when you were kids. What are you up to? What was the thing that burned your fire? Can you revive this flame again? Every person who feels stuck and dissatisfied with his life must find the motivation to move on. The goal should be something that fulfills you, makes you happy. When looking for your motivation and inspiration, it can be from the highest depths of the soul, but our advice is, set goals that are concise and possible. Go step by step.

How much are you dedicated?

Commitment is the main link between you and your life goals. The feeling of stagnation does not come from the fact that you don’t know what to do, but from lack of the action. You must be dedicated to everything you do. Review what your obligations are, to whom or to what? Maybe you’re just stuck because you have not set them up correctly. Perhaps you took too many commitments on yourself that overloaded you. Or just, you have never been devoted enough and made an irreparable hole between you and your goals. All of this can change.

Do you know what you want to change exactly?

Dissatisfaction is evident. You are sure that you need a change. However, if you are dissatisfied with the job, divorce is not the right solution. When you locate the cause you’re stuck, focus on solving a specific problem. It can be a career or a love, you are unhappy with your involvement with children, you have a lot of pounds and worries about your health. Go to a doctor, make a dedication to your family, relax and think about how much you are able to work and how much you actually get from your current job. Any problem that you face, successfully or not, mentally makes you a stronger person and returns your mindset to the right course.

To summarize, the five key issues for which you are stuck are related to personal fears, social acceptance, own motivation and dedication, and how much we are willing to change. Every person will feel stuck in life, at least for a short time. Being stuck is not a material thing or a crucial decision. It’s in the head. Once you realize that the mind is not actually a stuck place, but a universe, you will be able to set many goals as you like and run away from the routine forever.

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