Find the Best Sleeping Position That Suits Your Body

Find the Best Sleeping Position That Suits Your Body

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Good and quality sleep is imperative for every active man. It is of crucial importance to restore all the needed energy. How successful your days will be, depends on it, so we find out what is the most convincing best sleeping experience, which will bring you multiple benefits when your body is concerned. While we are sleeping, we are resting not just our body, but also our mind, regenerate all the cells of our organism, and the immune system strengthens. However, not all sleeping positions are equally healthy.

Sleeping on back

Advantages: Many doctors agree this sleeping position, on the back, is best. Diving in sleep in this pose is excellent for the back and neck health because the back is fixed and not forced to any twist. Besides, sleeping at this position helps the mattress to do what it supposed to do – to support the spine. In a perfect (and somewhat uncomfortable) world, everyone would sleep on the back without a pillow, because this position leaves the neck in a neutral place.  Sleeping on the back is also good for the health of the facial skin. When you sleep on your back, your face is in the air – not on the pillow – which results in a smaller number of wrinkles.

Wrong sides: Snoring and slipping periods are far more frequent among people who sleep at this position. In fact, it is so closely linked to sleep apnea that doctors prescribe rest on the side as a form of therapy for this condition. When you sleep on your back, gravity makes the base of the language collapse in the airway, which impedes breathing and creates no pleasant snoring sounds to be your partner during the night.

It is essential to understand that quality sleep does not always depend on the correct support of the spine and position in bed. Research on the habits of those who sleep “well” and those who sleep “bad” has found that people with poorer sleep quality spend more time on their backs than sleeping better.

Sleeping on the side

Advantages: We are talking about people who crawl in a comfortable fetal pose or lie down on one side, and this is where a large number of people are resting at this position. Doctors encourage women to relax on the left side during pregnancy, as this improves circulation to the heart, which suits both mother and baby. Sleeping on the side during pregnancy is just as good as it does not put pressure on the lower part of the back (like sleeping on the back that causes unconsciousness), and sleeping on the stomach is prevented by apparent reasons. Sleep on the left side can also relieve heartburn and gastric reflux, so people with these problems are much easier to fall asleep.

Wrong sides: At the same time, sleeping in this position the stomach and lung pressure (changing sides can often help to reduce the effort of these organs). And as probably all those who sleep on the side know, this sleeping can result in the notorious discomfort of the hand on which they rest. The sleeping suit in which the arm is placed under the pillow is ubiquitous, but it has an unwanted effect on muscles and nerves. Resting of the head (or whole body) on the one hand prevents blood flow and exerts pressure on the nerves, resulting in an abnormal hand or a painful feeling of burning and biting. In this position, the shoulder supports a good part of the body weight, which can be the cause of muscle cramping of the neck and shoulders.

Sleep on the stomach

Advantages: Sleeping on the stomach prevents snoring, and in some cases, it helps and sleeps apnea, but this is roughly anything that could be considered reasonable when talking about conducting the night in this position.

Wrong sides: Resting on the stomach is widely taken as the worst position to sleep. It corrects the natural curvature of the spine, which leads to lower back pain. Sleeping all night, where the head is turned all the time to one side, also fades the neck. If this is your favorite sleeping dream, try to gradually, using a pillow, to teach your body to sleep on one side. Try placing a pillow under the hips and the lower part of the stomach to raise the lower part of the spine slightly.

Try what suits your body the best

Regardless of the health advantages, people sleep in the pose that is most comfortable. Experimenting with different sleeping poses will not cause you any harm, so feel free to try each of the poses for several nights and see which one suits you best. It was about sleeping on the back, on the side or on the stomach, people are usually in a position that is natural for their bodies. Unless the doctor specifically tells you to change the posing where you sleep, it is probably best to continue sleeping in a position that seems right to you.

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