Find Out Your Skin Type by Ayurveda

Find Out Your Skin Type by Ayurveda

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Ayurveda is an Indian alternative medicine, but more the way of healthy living, that takes particular care of the skin health and skin care, as an oil lubricant. Oil massage is associated with the nursing of all levels of the body. Find out which type of Ayurveda belongs to your skin and try a simple but effective self-massage to relax.

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are called doshas, that is, three basic principles, which was created by combining two dominant elements (air, fire, water, earth), and the other elements are also present, but to a lesser extent. They control the functions of the body, mind, and consciousness. Each person has all three doshas in him, but one or two most often dominate. With Ayurveda, a dosha is actually your mind-body type, so if you know your dosha, you can take steps to prevent skin problems.

Vata skin type

According to Ayurveda, Vata dosha is bright, dry and cold. If your skin is thin, dry, it is cold to touch, you probably have Vata skin. When it’s out of balance, Vata can become extremely dry, coarse, rough. Because of its dryness, such skin type is prone to appear wrinkles. If such skin is still greyish and no shine, it can also be a sign that your digestion is not in balance. People who have Vata skin are particularly sensitive to stress, and on the skin more often appear signs of fatigue, exhaustion, nervousness.

Pitta skin type

Pitta skin is reddish or pink, soft and warm. These properties, as well as the appearance of red hair, correspond to a warm pitta dosha in Ayurveda world. When the skin is not in balance, it has various inflammatory processes, infections, inflamed acne. Such skin is quite sensitive and emotional stress can cause redness, sores, and rash, and its characters can be an unpleasant smell.

Kapha skin type

Kapha skin is cold to touch, dense, soft, oily, smooth and thick. If your skin is pale and hair is dense, wavy, greasy and dark, you probably have a Kapha skin. Such skin is prone to a later appearance of wrinkles, and when it is out of balance, it can suffer from expanded pores, increased fat, moist eczema, water retention.

Relaxation Massage For Every Skin Type

Although in alternative medicine like Ayurveda, it is desirable to use oils enriched with the medicinal properties of the plants, because then the effect will be maximum, here we will present an example of a simple relaxation massage that calms the mind and helps people who are stressed or suffer from insomnia.  Ayurveda massage should be performed immediately before bedtime.

Heat the oil thoroughly. Apply it to the palms and then gently, circularly, rub on the foot of the foot. With circular movements, massage the whole feet, the area of ​​the soles, each finger separately, and then move to the upper part of the foot, pulling both hands parallel to the lower leg. Repeat movements and add oil when you feel it is needed. Give yourself time to enjoy and open yourself to peace and relaxation what are the essential points of Ayurveda. Close your eyes and connect with your whole body and all the sensations. Do not resist the accomplished pleasure, just smile and send gratitude and love to your entire body.

For Vata skin types use sesame oil, Pitta requires sunflower oil and for Kapha is the best corn oil or a combination of corn and sesame oil.

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