Five poorly understood facts about depression

Five poorly understood facts about depression

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It’s not easy to wake up every day, fix your hair, get into the suit and just – be you. Millions of people all over the planet are struggling against tough, traumatic disorders. They are finding themselves incapable in front of misunderstanding of their condition by society due to the lack of education about this dangerous illness known as depression. Poor perception of the facts about people suffering from various forms of depression lead to the of more difficult conditions in those who suffer. It is necessary to get informed about the instruments to fight together. In the end, everyone has at least one close person in this condition or went himself through similar periods in life.

Depression is not a real illness

Unlike other diseases, it can not be defined by a blood test. However, this is not a sort of caprice, state of mind, or lousy perception of reality. Depression is a complex of psychological, physical and social components together for biological manifestations through the nervous system, the degenerative and respiratory system. All of these effects are tightly interconnected and lead to the chain reaction, each time the balance breaks. In recent years, science has proven that this is not a simple derange in neurotransmitters, but in general, it is a complicated human disorder.

Depression happens to people who have less will and confidence

Willpower is a caracteristic of a strong and brave person. Many associates that those who suffer from depression are not. Motivational messages and positive thoughts to get out of the dark are not alway enough. Research shows that people who fight depression and anxiety, by suppressing their negative emotions, only aggravate their poor mental state. With some things, you can not try yourself, and that’s okay. Pushing people to manifest self-control they don’t have, it is the entirely wrong approach.

Search for a reason

Society looks at what is happening around it superficially. How many times have you heard the opinion about the depressed person who has everything in life, family, money, beauty … So why is he depressed? This disorder should not be confused with things such as grief, dissatisfaction or emotional emptiness. Depression is the illness that is separate from these feelings and specific life events, but they can be a real trigger. Discouragement is a condition, depression is an illness. Tragedies and stressful life can exacerbate symptoms, such as constipation, insomnia, even suicidality. It is, therefore, necessary to heal this nasty disease before looking for the reasons for its occurrence.

Antidepressants can change the personality

Turning to professional help is a big step. Medicine has made a lot of progress in researching such disorders, and percentages show that people taking medications can have a healthy and functional life. The patients will first depart from the straight line on which they have been for a long, and then stop closing all the negative feelings inside, yet reveal them to the doctor. With medical supervision, a large number of people are recovering successfully, which means a gradual reduction in the drug dose necessary for a more realistic perception of the world.

“Pull yourself together.”

Even if it is sometimes easy to act happiness and energy in front of others, closed with yourself, you feel this unbearable feeling of helplessness and emptiness. Do not make this person to do it all alone, to get himself together and go on. It is necessary to understand and provide every possible help. The most adequate help is to send someone to the specialist and let him know he is not the only one and he is not alone.

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