Girls’ Talk – Keep Your Lady Parts Clean and Healthy

Girls’ Talk – Keep Your Lady Parts Clean and Healthy

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Girls like to talk. Topics are endless, especially if they reach the stories about love, relationships, sex. When similar subjects are in focus, the question of the women’s health, fertility, and reproductive ability always came up from somewhere. Therefore, the issue of healthy lady parts cannot be skipped.

Intimate hygiene contributes to the general health of every woman. From puberty to mature years, ladies are passing through various life stages which can be reflected on their reproductive organs. But not only that, a healthy vagina means a satisfied woman who feels comfortable and positive.

There are basic rules every girl or women should adhere to when lady parts are concerned.

A natural look is healthier, don’t shave

Different trends carry different rules. It’s the same with intimate hairstyles. Almost 85% of women shave their lady parts. But pubic hairs have their purpose. They serve to prevent bacterial infection or folliculitis (inflammation of the root of the hair) that can be very uncomfortable even painful. Also, the hair keeps the sweat and prevents the friction of the skin.

Do not exaggerate with perfumed cosmetics

Intimate hygiene should not contain products with high concentrations of perfume, shampoo, and baths that will disrupt the PH value of the skin. The vagina is a body organ that has the self-cleaning ability. A good bacteria Lactobacilli provides this. Moreover, potent cosmetic agents kill these good bacteria and lead to irritation and infection to the lady parts.

Leave seductive underwear for special occasions

Even if women feel special in sexy, seductive lace and silk, it is not recommended for pelvis and skin. First, synthetic materials can lead to irritation. Then, wearing minimal underwear such as thongs can cause severe urinary infection.

Regardless of what style you dress, leave seduction for late evening hours. But for the day, we recommend wearing only pure cotton near to your lady parts.

Hydration as well as for the rest of the body

The same as your whole body, the vagina can remain without sufficient fluid during the day. Dry skin leads to irritation, itching, and infection. It is necessary to drink up to 8 glasses of water per day.

Sexual life and healthy lady parts

If we talk about making love, questions about health and safety are clear. Practice sex only with a familiar partner, use protection, and keep your hygiene high. However, there is another tip – after the coitus, try to empty the blender. This way, you will wash away a large segment of the unwanted bacteria from the lady parts.

Changing clothes after the gym

This is very important – training clothes is always tight and made of polyester. Keeping too much moisture can lead to serious health problems. First, you can get cold, secondly, holding the moisture on the lady parts leads to the appearance of bacteria and fungi.

After sweating in the gym – it is essential to shower, dry and wear some clean clothes.

Healthy lady parts during the period

Late or sudden periods are the first indicators of women’s health problems. It does not have to mean, but it’s always smart to keep track of your menstrual periods. Their delay or frequency is a reason to contact a doctor. Even during the period, it is essential to choose the right protection. Whether it is sanitary pads or tampons, it is necessary to change them regularly, every 3-4 hours.

The intimate hygiene of a woman is half of his health but also half of her beauty. A healthy and fresh woman is self-confident, happy and satisfied. Paying attention to your lady parts is very easy if you adhere to these useful health tips.

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