House Cleaning Reduces Stress – Taking Care of Household is a Serious Job

House Cleaning Reduces Stress – Taking Care of Household is a Serious Job

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Okay, spring is the official cleaning season, a time when we are all ready to throw out the stagnant winter air from our houses and finally let the sun in. Almost everyone. There are those who like chaos and do not bother too much. Fortunately, not too many. The space in which we live must be light and fresh. It is necessary for mental health. The process of cleaning involves reducing stress levels and affecting our psychological state. That is why we can freely say that even compulsive cleansers have advantages over people who will instead sit in a dark and dusty room, with the TV on and a bunch of garbage all over the house. So, it’s time to take maps and detergent to your hands and start with mental and physical ventilation.

Household cleaning is a serious task but arouses creativity and organizational skills

You’ve probably noticed that people who spend a lot of time at home or are not employed, often pay a lot of attention to cleaning and housework. Many will consider that a deep concentration on household maintenance is not socially acceptable and that an adult needs a career and another kind of successes and achievements. On the contrary, the household is a job, like every other one. It means constant care and maintenance. Being a housekeeper means having different skills. You need to know how to fix what is broken, you have to be creative and organized. Also, a person in charge of household must love his home and enjoy the jobs he is doing around. Whether it’s gardening, vacuuming or painting children’s rooms, these tasks are very demanding, but the same can free you from depression and stress.

Household cleaning is motivation and fights against anxiety

Many studies have shown that housekeeping and cleansing are associated with decreasing symptoms of anxiety. For example, in one study, as many as 27% of people said that the smell of soap and touch of lukewarm water had significantly reduced their sensitivity. Making some kind of order in a garage, packing socks, sorting plates are the jobs that can dramatically affect and reduce the symptoms of stress and nervousness. The secret is in taking control.

There are times when the mess in the house makes us feel anxious. People who are struggling with these conditions know that there are some situations that we can not control. But the mess in the house can be. Therefore, if a person who senses the first signs of anxiety seizure get to the work, and one room after another, the feeling of discomfort will slowly disappear. By doing so, the biggest problem has just become our biggest motivation.

How cleaning affects the state of mind

It’s very simple when we mention the word “mess” in our mind, we have various negative emotions, worries, confusions, nervousness, irritability. Cleaning, on the other hand, we can connect with the ordering things in their place, which we often identify deep in our brains with our worries. It means clean and fresh physical space means enough breathing space.

A 2010 study suggests that women living in crowded homes tend to have an increased level of cortisol, stress hormones.

Equally, unfinished work can be identified with a disorder, so housewives often look nervous and in a hurry. In fact, cleansing is the ventilation of the mind and body. The way to be physically active, creative and productive. A good organization will regain control in your hands, and you will be in charge. Even if you succeed in getting support from the rest members of the family, to arrange a real spring action, then you will get good socializing and bonding time, for which you never even thought cleaning your households can bring.

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