How Can CrossFit Change Your Life and Make You Stay in Training Forever?

How Can CrossFit Change Your Life and Make You Stay in Training Forever?

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The year is 1995, Santa Cruz, California – former gymnast Greg Glassman begins a new chapter in the fitness world that will become worldwide, over the years. That CrossFit is not just a form of training, tell us so many viral controversies “for and against.” However, once you enter a CrossFit mode, it will be evident you what it all for yourself. It is not just a fitness program, but a mental and physical course that will make everyone, from a beginner to a professional to start living a CrossFit way of life.

At the end of 2018, after more than successful CrossFit Games event, this is perhaps the most popular sport on Earth, and if officially not recognized as an independent sport. Masses of men and women around the globe do CrossFit, Bootcamp and similar plans.

Why is CrossFit so unique?

Of course, many will agree – this is not a naive game. These kinds of training include constant high intensity and take you far beyond the comfort zone. They are both robust and challenging. Usually followed by pain, cramps, a muscle inflammation (sometimes, muscles that you did not know you had can hurt). Injuries? Of course, present. Every physical activity carries a particular risk of injury. But if you are truly devoted to something and do it in the right way, know that chances are minimal. Many CrossFit fans are afraid of injury just because they will be disabled to train further, not because of pain or health condition.

How to define this type of training?

For beginners, CrossFit includes all fields of training: stamina, strength, power, flexibility, speed, agility, coordination, and balance.

What is different is – everything can be scaled. For this reason, CrossFit training can be done by people of all ages, physical shape, and health.

WOD lasts 60 minutes with very short pauses between reps. The goal is to do a more significant number of reps, continually increasing the intensity of training by combining all the above-mentioned physical qualities. Exercises are done in so-called “boxes,” gym equipped for CrossFit. Of the equipment, only a few machines are in use, such as rower, sleds or assault bike. Barbell, weights, rope and med balls, just a few more things. The rest of the equipment is in the muscles and movements.

When you see WOD, written on the board, and you hear the sound of the timer, it’s a sign that the workout starts. Finding your ideal weight, strength, speed, is essential. Try not to stop. This is much easier because training is done in a group, which gives you incredible energy to keep up to the end. A countdown is a psychological moment by which you are able to finish your training. The last few reps and you lie on the ground. Wet, breathless and happy. If you do not have even a mild feeling of pain, then you haven’t done something right.

 CrossFit is more

In addition to these 60 minutes, CrossFit will preoccupy and most of the other 23 hours of your day. First, discipline. If you regularly exercise, you will learn to appreciate the time for rest and sleep. One without other is nothing. Enough sleep and one rest day a week are regular things in a CrossFit schedule.

Another important thing is a proper diet. Such intense physical activity requires the intake of the necessary proteins and nutrition as well as regular balanced meals. Therefore, do not be surprised if your crossfiter-friend always carries a food box around and looks at the watch when should have the next meal.

Next, strengthening. Even if you scale as much as you can, and avoid being overwhelmed during WOD, it is inevitable that your body will increase over time. Whether aware or not, you will start picking some bigger dumbbells, finish the round quickly, and each month you will learn a new skill that you have not even dreamed about in life to be capable of. When you get your first PR and ring the bell, you will feel incredible pleasure and an encouragement to go so much further.

In the end, like with no other individual sport in the world,   CrossFit groups are more than random people who practice in the same space. They are a real community. Family. Many would say as a joke it’s a cult, friends, and associates who search for any opportunity to put the CrossFit as a topic of discussion, no matter where and when. But those people are witness to each other accomplishments and very healthy community with the best attention and reasons to stay at the gym.

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