How Can Travelling Affect Our Body, Physically and Mentally?

How Can Travelling Affect Our Body, Physically and Mentally?

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Did you know that when you travel, it can affect you both physically and mentally? Yes, that is true. Business travelers spend between 20 and 50 nights away a year, and that may make them forget to take care of their bodies. It’s important to make a balance between work and real life, even on a business trip. On one side there some business travelers that enjoy being out of their comfort zones, while on the other, there are others who find it hard to adjust to a change. One way or another, it is fundamental to understand what travel does to your body.Now, let see what are the main effects on your body and mind when you travel for business.


We sleep and wake up at around the same times each day. It is ok when you work regular hours, but less when you need to catch an early morning or late night flights, to arrive in an unfamiliar place, and cross time zones of as little as two hours. In this case, our body clock can be easily disrupted by lack of sleep and make us feel exhausted and even disorientated.

It will take a couple of days of good sleep in a quiet environment for our bodies to settle back into its normal rhythm.You can also say No to that caffeine-heavy after-dinner coffee and to stay away from alcohol.

You can also use fragrant lavender oil. This oil is known for its relaxing properties so you can spray some on your pillow.

Try to stick to the same sleeping routine you have at home and make sure you choose a well-located hotel that understands how vital a refreshing night’s sleep is for tired business guest.


Our digestive system will probably be under assault during business trips.

Eating unhealthy food, on the go, is a recipe for feeling out of sorts during a business trip. Business meals can often be an unsatisfying snack. This sounds familiar?

Well, then you may want to think the day ahead and to choose the same types of foods you would eat at home.

Besides, a good hotel will recognize, for sure, that business guest needs freshly-prepared, tasty, and nutritious food.


Business traveling can, undoubtedly, cause considerable stress.Psychological and emotional impact of stress during business trips should not be underestimated.

Preparing for the trip, getting to the airport in time and onto your flight can be very stressful. Some people find that flying itself is very stressful.

Of course that these factors aggravate feelings of uncertainty and overload and it is essential for you to to take some downtime for yourself to relax during the trip.

There are few things you can do to relieve stress on a business trip. For example, you can go for a walk and a bit of sightseeing around your hotel, if your hotel is situated in the heart of the city.

Or try to make the most of your hotel’s spa facilities: the pool, relaxing in the sauna or a gym workout. Lack of exercise can be disturbing for our bodies and training will help us stay focus and at the top of the game in business, and will also relieve the unnecessary stress in our bodies.

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