How to Check  Your Cholesterol Level?  Here’re Some Indicators You Can Detect Yourself

How to Check  Your Cholesterol Level?  Here’re Some Indicators You Can Detect Yourself

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Feel perfectly healthy, and have the impression your body works flawlessly? The truth is, you are still young, active, and it’s natural to feel so well. However, without the unnecessary panic, you need to be aware that some health problems like high cholesterol can last for many years without giving any symptoms.

It is very important to identify blood cholesterol level to avoid the risk of heart disease because it may increase the already existing chances. Predispositions for the development of the disease, genetics, and life habits can be a good reason to go to see a doctor. He will discover the level of cholesterol from the blood. This is the only analysis that will give you the right results. However, certain indications will show that you have a problem and that it’s time to deal with it.

Of course, you have to remember, recognizing the symptom does not mean you gave yourself a diagnosis, it’s just an incentive to do some proper lab tests.

You have a yellow growth on the eyelids

The painless yellow growth on the upper and lower eyelids is also called xanthelasma. Their appearance is absolutely harmless for your sight. However, xanthelasma is an indicator of high cholesterol level in blood. These growths can be removed by the laser, but it will quickly disappear if you reduce the cholesterol level.

Gray ring around the cornea

Take a good look at the mirror. If you notice a gray arc or circle around the cornea, the part of the eye that covers your iris, then it is a peripheral arcus. Na occurs by accumulating cholesterol in the deeper part of the cornea. This is a common occurrence in older people and indicates a high level of cholesterol after 45.

Tingling in the hands and feet

High cholesterol levels can cause clogging of blood vessels in your body, that can put your health is in great danger. Due to such problems, it is possible to experience a specific tingling sensation in your hands and feet if your blood vessels block cholesterol because your peripheral nerves do not get enough blood and nutrients for their own functioning.

Pain in the back, neck and head area

Blood vessel block may be caused by high cholesterol levels, and often leads to loss of circulation in the head. That’s why patients will usually feel some kind of a pain in the shoulder and neck area. High cholesterol can make a person sensitive to the headache, and be dealing daily with severe pain,  especially in the spine.

Accelerated heart rate

Heartbreaking is generally a symptom that does not have any harmful effects. It occurs due to excitement or physical activity. Sometimes it’s about anxiety, stress, and taking certain drugs. However, heart pounding can indicate problems with the cardiovascular system, such as cholesterol. Blocking blood vessels due to cholesterol can damage your heart.

Bad, lousy habits

Every person, regardless of the age that practices lousy habits, such as smoking and alcohol, but also the consumption of unhealthy, fatty foods, should be aware that it is at risk of increased bad cholesterol. Maybe you don’t want to change habits, but it would be wise to visit a doctor and do a laboratory analysis. If the results show what you were afraid of, know that the rest is on you – change the way of life, introduce healthy nutrition and physical activity. Observe your body and give it adequate care. This way, you will reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and prevent the development of many widespread diseases.

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