How To Recognize When Is The Time For Cutting Down On Alcohol by Yourself?

How To Recognize When Is The Time For Cutting Down On Alcohol by Yourself?

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Everything started easily with one glass of whiskey after work, one wine at dinner, a couple f tequilas with friends. Alcohol is unavoidably belonging to the folklore around the world and is almost an essential part of a ones adult’s diet. On average, depending on the beverage type he is consuming, men bring about 14 units of alcohol per week. Quantities that go beyond this are considered risky. It doesn’t mean, in any case, to be addictive or alcoholic, but it can be a dangerous trigger for severe conditions and the emergence of serious illnesses such as diabetes or cancer. How to be aware when is the right time to start cutting down on drinking?

Cutting down measures as soon as you notice  you have crossed the edge

If you notice your “after work” shot has become a whiskey during the shift, a glass of wine has turned into a bottle, and friends are slowly thinking of harmless sales at the expense of your drinking, then it’s time to cut down. Even the smallest reduction of quantity is a good step to prevent the damage that this enjoyment can produce. The key to every human being is to find his own measure and learn how to control drinking. There are many studies of liquor abuse that can be a great guide through cutting down on alcohol. Always keep in mind, some of the greatest pleasures in life can have the highest price.

Set realistic goals

When cutting down on alcohol in question, swearing that you will not even get close to the bottles is not the right measure. It will not succeed. Instead, set some real goals. If you have exceeded the bounds of moderation and because of that you feel specific health problems or get into trouble, try cutting back on the number of units you initially thought you would enjoy and that will benefit for you.

Choose your drinks

Never allow yourself to be a person who drinks ALL. First, find what suits you and stick to it. In this way, you will learn more quickly to say no when you are offered and do not want to drink. It is crucial to be aware that the alcoholic beverage you buy or order in a bar is intended for your enjoyment only, and should be tasty and pleasant. If you are drinking for other people’s fun or because it is your turn, try to avoid such situations whenever you can.

Follow the cutting process and measure your drinking at home

When you decide to reduce your drinking, the first rule is to count honestly and fairly. No cheating. Count all the bottles in the house and estimate how long they should last. It would not be wrong if you take a written note, a diary, or record in your smartphone how much wine you have drunk, for example, at home, how many you had for dinner with your boss or during Saturday’s night at the club. This way you will have more accurate insight into the progress you made in cutting down on alcohol.

Drink slower and cut alcohol with non-alcoholic beverages

Some studies suggest that people who drink faster have more preference for drunkenness and addiction development. Think about it – do you wanna be relaxed, drunk or wasted? Especially when you are outside, when you go out with your friends, at the bar. People who are willing to cutting down should try to make a space between two drinks of at least an hour. Also, a piece of good advice is cut off with some refreshing drink, such as soda or juice. Large amounts of water with alcohol are not only the right solution, but they are also mandatory.

Change habits and avoid situations where you usually overdo with it

The biggest problem why people fail to reduce drinking is that they persistently return to the triggers. They become weak and can not refuse it, continually returning to the same state that leads to dissatisfaction and worry. If you have resolved with cutting down on drinking, do something else. Try to change the air, people around you, habits. At least for a brief moment, see if that pleases you. Find a hobby that will occupy the time you would otherwise be spending at the bar.

Drinking responsibly and controlled is one of the greatest successes of an adult man. To be clear, the line is very fragile. If your glass is half full and not half empty, then you are a person who can enjoy the rich tastes and aromas of alcoholic beverages from all over the world. But having a measure of fresh and bright days must be your own rule so that you be able to control your habits, and not them to control you.

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