How to Wake Up Sleepers Without Coffee?

How to Wake Up Sleepers Without Coffee?

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There are those who look bright and fresh from the early morning as if they were preparing for it the whole night. But, there are those who would ignore even the world’s loudest alarm clock, stuff their head under the pillow and have that magical “five more minutes.” They usually find the reason why they got asleep – the neighbor was loud all night, had some bad dreams, he desperately needs a cup of coffee … And yes, coffee – the first reason we get out of bed and what charges our batteries through the day. “But first, coffee” is a phrase that is so routine for you that it probably comes first on the mind after the morning alarm. Drinking coffee is right, even healthy. Caffeine gives us energy and keeps us awake. But what would sleepers do if there was no coffee? Let’s leave this delightful drink for enjoying with friends and needed daily breaks, here are some methods to wake up and stay alert during the day.

Let the sun in. There is no better way of waking but the first-morning sunshine. Sleeping in a completely darkened room is not recommended. The sun’s light, logically, provides you with the necessary energy to help you get out of bed and make new victories without the need for a morning coffee.

Jogging or a short workout. This exercise does not have to be too demanding. Only a few basic moves such as jumping jack, squats or morning running will accelerate the pulse and open the eyes wide even to the greatest sleeper.

Morning showering. If you are not quite a morning person and you can hardly get out of bed, the shower is an excellent waking-up method. The day starts with the morning refreshments, necessary for the whole day of hard work ahead, but the trick is to turn off the warm water before leaving the cabin. A quick shower with cold water will improve your circulation and wake up your body better than a cup of coffee.

Select breakfast carefully. For many coffee lovers, coffee is the breakfast. Error. On the other hand, those who are thinking about healthy diets may associate breakfast with calorie consumption, also believing in the morning it’s good to eat – anything. This opinion is entirely inaccurate. Avoid carbs for your first meal. They increase the blood sugar in the short time and get it low as much faster. Such heavy foods will make you sleepy and slow. Instead, treat yourself with the abundance of protein and fiber. Accelerate your metabolism, and your body will work as perfect,  just like your mind.

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