Increase your Mood and Vibrational Frequency Naturally — Seven Possible Ways of Doing So!

Increase your Mood and Vibrational Frequency Naturally — Seven Possible Ways of Doing So!

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Within the spiritual community, some terms like “raise your vibration” and “elevate your frequency” seem to circulate in a lot of conscious conversations. We can take these terms in literal sense, as we can literally feel when someone has a low vibe, or a dense frequency, because these circumstances often lend themselves to less than ideal experiences. On the flip side, when you feel good, or when a situation is very “light”, the same ripple effect of consciousness happens within the space that is occupied – and the feeling of goodness can also be felt by most anyone who is open for receiving that higher state of consciousness.

Nowadays, it is sometimes hard to maintain that high vibe. Each day, time seems to move faster and faster. The pressure of the society and structure can take their toll as well. Love moves by very quickly. If we are not aware, it can drag us down to a bad mood, as well as to no energy and low vibration pit.

In the lines below, you can see a list of seven ways to “hack consciousness”, as well as increase your mood and vibration naturally. So, when the low vibe days manifest, we will be fully prepared to face darkness with inner light. Here they are:

1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is the cliché of our health, mood and wellness world. Some people scoff as it is kind of like Mood Boosting 101. Drinking plenty of water is a common piece of advice. It is amazing and it is also seriously easy to do. It is like building a foundation you can build your mood upon. No matter what else you will try to do in order to raise your mood and vibration, it is not going to work dehydrated.

Your body needs plenty of water, and unluckily, people do not give it enough. Often, we replace water with sports drinks, heavily caffeinated coffee and even fruit juice, which is riddled with high fructose corn, syrup, as well as so much unnecessarily sugar. When we are dehydrated, our muscles are tenser. Our heart has to beat a little harder, so we are more prone to hunger and we are also more likely to grab a processed snack. Our body is not nourished, we are not feeling our best, and the cycle continues. You should drink water. Start in the morning when you wake up and sip throughout the day. When you want to add a little “zing” to your H2O, you can add some lemon and cayenne pepper in order to spice things up.

2. Dance like nobody is watching

Dancing your heart away will force you to exist in the present. You will have to match your body to the beat. It will also raise your heart rate. in that way increasing your blood flow and fighting stagnation. You will breathe more deeply and rush of oxygen always increase the feel good chemicals which are in our brain. Moving our body can ease some minor aches, as well as stiffness which you may not even have been aware of. All of these factors will combine in order to make you feel like new person when the song ends.

When you want to get your groove of, Pandora has curated different stations to match your musical needs. We will recommend you finding something nostalgic and light. Nostalgia and whimsy can bring an extra little smile when you are dancing by yourself.

3. Mediate

High energy does not always mean that we have high vibration. Nervous energy and anxiety can deplete joyous feelings. When you need to let go of negative energies, mediation is actually a good way for mood boosting,  If you establish a meditation routine it will make it easier for you to slip into this state when you will need it.

The three main types of meditation which you may consider to add it in your daily high – vibe routine are: Mantra, Mindfulness, and Visualization.

4. Declutter your space

When you have your house clean, it can help you in bringing a higher frequency, as a clean desk reflects a clean mind. Decluttering is all about letting go. It is not just putting the things back in the place where they belong. Furthermore, it is about letting go of what you do not need. It is also being grateful and valuing what you really need. When some object brings you joy, than it is for surely an object that should stay in your space. However, if it is just auxiliary, and it occupies an unnecessary room, let it go. In that way you can also let more clean energy flow.

5. Go to the sauna (or you can also participate in Sweat Lodge)

Sweat it out. Spending your day at a spa (sauna) has a lot of health benefits. Those benefits will help you in raising your vibe. It will also include the ability to combat fatigue and depression, as well as help with cardiovascular health. You can Google some spas or saunas in your area in order to find a space where you can detox, as well as enjoy your day.

If you have a connection or an option you can participate in a Native American Sweat Lodge ceremony. This is another good chance to clear energetic debris, as well as raise your vibe and clean your aura of anything that is negative, while sweating out toxins within a spiritual safe environment.

6. Take an ice bath

Wim Hof has become famous (and infamous) because of his mind over matter meditation techniques. These techniques have actually allowed him to hold 20 Guinness World Records for withstanding extreme temperatures. He is also known as the “Ice Man”, because he can comfortably swim in freezing water, as well as sit in the ice baths for hours at a time.

This cold exposure technique is not just something for the daredevils among us. There is actually a lot of supporting information for the benefits of cold on our body. It is believed that it helps in fat loss, increase life span and circulation, as well as reducing pain, strengthening the immunity and even more.

While learning the method of Wim Hof takes a lot of time, for a quick dose of the benefits of cold, we will recommend you to take a cold shower as a way to up your vibe without diving into the deep fully.

7. Try natural supplements

All of the tips that we have mentioned have to do with changing the state in which you are. You alert the contents of your world through deliberate action. Even more, you also raise your vibration, and fine tune your mood. There is another way to “fine tune” it. It is by using natural supplements, in order to increase your awareness, as well as to allow new levels of consciousness to help you in creating brighter and better reality.

One of the best supplements that you may come across through your exploration of “consciousness hacking”, as well as seeking natural ways to become a fully optimized version of yourself is one all natural plant, which is based on supplement  called Katy love. Katy is a scientifically calibrated, as well as all natural supplement which gives our brain what it needs in order to have the ability to manufacture dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. It will nourish our body and mind, enabling us to feel happy, fulfilled and inspired in a completely natural way, without having any side effects.

When stress is trying to kill the vibe, raising our vibration will need a deliberate and actionable plan. If we take action and we find some sustainable ways for controlling our mood, we can participate actively in a better reality for ourselves, as well as for those with whom we spend most of the time. Some of the things which can all naturally get you to the awe – inspiring level of awareness are meditation, dancing, decluttering, sauna, ice baths, hydrating, supplements and one way is not necessarily better than another.

You should find what resonates best. Then, put it into your spiritual toolbox and allow that tool to carve some better feeling for the world.

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