Life Without A Car Can Be Awesome- Less Stress, Better Shape and Health

Life Without A Car Can Be Awesome- Less Stress, Better Shape and Health

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Whether you want to improve your shape, health, bank account, or it’s your ecological choice, riding a bicycle instead of a car can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Are you not convinced of that? There are some significant advantages of bike or walk which can make life more beautiful. There are a lot of healthy perks of not having a car.

Better Sleep

Stanford University conducted a study in which people were suffering from insomnia ride bays 20 to 30 minutes every other day. The result? The time required for an insomniac to fall asleep is reduced by half and sleep time is extended for almost an hour. Exercise outside exposes you to daylight, and it helps your heart rhythm to synchronize again, and also relaxes the body of cortisol, a hormone of stress that can prevent deep, regenerative sleep.

Younger Look

Scientists have found that regular biking can protect the skin from harmful effects of UV radiation and reduce signs of aging. Exercises accelerate circulation, which causes more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells, as well as the elimination of harmful toxins. Exercise also helps the body in the production of calcium, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and accelerates healing.

It Lowers Heart Disease Risk

Not driving car can help lower your risk of having heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. Walking and riding a bike is a great cardiovascular form of exercise which strengthens heart muscles, lowering the blood pressure and reducing cholesterol.

Encourages The Brain Function

Studies at the University of Illinois revealed that there is a close relationship between cardio-respiratory exercises and better results in mental tests. That is why cycling or walking help to create new brain cells in the hypothalamus – a region that is responsible for memory that decays after the thirties.

It Helps You To Win The Diseases

Forget apples, biking or daily walks are the way to keep your doctor away. They make the immune cells even more active, so they are ready to fight infection. According to examples from the University of North Carolina, people who ride a bicycle about 30 minutes, five days a week, take twice as much leisure time at work than people who are languishing all day.

It Reduces Risk of Osteoporosis

Taking 10,000 steps every day can lower a person’s risk of facing osteoporosis. You can still take public transportation, but make sure there is a lot of walking involved to get to the station or to reach the office building.

It Helps You to Stay Fit Without Much Trouble

Regular bike rides have many advantages, one of them is also not using a wallet to pay for a gym. People who regularly ride a bike are at the same level of physical fitness as people who are 10 years younger and physically inactive.

Lower Stress Levels

Nothing can be more stressful than being stuck in a traffic jam. On the other hand, walking, riding a bike or taking the bus can keep your mind off the stresses of going to and from work. Even if you feel miserable when you are under some pressure, after a few kilometers your mood will change. Any mild and moderate form of exercise relieves endorphins that help fight stress and makes you happy.

Keeps The Planet

Twenty bikes can be parked in the same space as one car. Just five percent of the materials used to produce a car is enough to make one bicycle, and the bikes produce zero percent pollution.

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