Meteoropathy Is A New Disease- Gloomy Sky, a Blurry Head

Meteoropathy Is A New Disease- Gloomy Sky, a Blurry Head

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Meteoropathy. Even medicine can’t yet explain all the effects of climate change on health, approximately 80 percent of the population feels distressed by weather.

The sudden change in the time characteristic for autumn- a fall in temperature, a drop in air pressure, humidity, rain, wind, chronic patients. Intense pain in bones and joints, chest pain, migraine, dizziness, drowsiness, insomnia, nervousness, elevated blood pressure are most often reactions of the human organism to sudden climate changes, called meteoropathy. Research has shown that the human body reacts already from 24 to 48 hours before the change of time.

Who is Responsive to Weather?

On the weather’s oscillations, more or less, everyone responds, but most challenging to deal are patients with chronic conditions. In spite of the general implementation of the prescribed therapy, the indications of the meteoropathy are exacerbated, and meteorological difficulties are more pronounced in women in menopause. People who have a life with intense emotions, anxiety and depressed people respond intensively. More and more people are prone to meteoropathy precisely because it has increased the number of adverse circumstances in life such as stress, loss of positive values, continuous competition, job loss, and atmospheric pollution.

The Most Common Symptoms of Moropaetethy

* Mentally- tiredness, sudden mood swings, lack of concentration, squinting, irritability, insomnia;

* Physical- headache, migraine, nausea, dizziness, rheumatic pain, muscle aches;

* Cardiovascular disease- accelerated heart rate, increase in blood pressure;

Anxiety and irritability

In case of a headache, migraine, mood, anxiety, and irritability, it is necessary to avoid stressful situations and more significant effort. Meteoropathy or weather changes adversely affect the nervous system, so it is advisable to rest in a quiet, darkened room, shower with warm and cold water, and it is recommended to sip a chamomile tea.

Depression, nausea, tiredness, and apathy

Stress increases apathy and exhaustion, why is a need to rest and avoid psychological and physical effort. It is necessary to take as many fruits and vegetables as possible so that the body can be cleaned of toxins and supplied with useful substances.

Insomnia, lack of energy and concentration

The best remedy for a weak level and a sense of “power loss” is – diet. You should avoid heavy foods and eat as many cereals, vegetables, fruits and dairy products low in fat, and moderate physical activity is exceedingly helpful. You shouldn’t take excessive meals before going to bed, and it is advised to drink a cup of tea from chamomile or valerian in the evening.

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