Protect Your Skin From City Pollution

Protect Your Skin From City Pollution

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Except for the way we nourish and how we care about it, and external factors significantly affect our skin. Its gentle barrier in the polluted environment weakens, and the skin loses its natural balance. Pollutants in urban areas further aggravate this condition, so we wonder – how to reduce damage and allow the skin to breathe again? Life in the city can be exhausting and stressful.  Pollution, bustle and poor air quality affect our overall health, as well as the health of the skin. Cars and industrial plants release airborne toxic particles that can stick to the surface, even penetrate deeper layers. So, our skin, as we walk from office to house during the afternoon, especially during the traffic peak, can absorb a large number of toxins, which, experts say, can grow old early. The World Health Organization estimates that about 90 percent of the world’s population inhales air that is, more or less harmful to health, and contaminated air has proven to have a negative impact not only on the lungs and heart but also on the skin. Cosmetic experts suggest that contaminants cause premature aging of the skin and may be responsible for the aggravation of allergic reactions, the onset of atopic dermatitis, eczema, and acne.

More Stains and Deeper Wrinkles of Women Exposed to City Pollution Than Those in the Countryside

With smoking and unconscious exposure to the sun, they are one of the leading causes of hyperpigmentation stains. In this context, studies showed that older women were living near the highway, i.e., in an environment with more pollution, have 22 percent more hyperpigmentation stains and deeper wrinkles on their faces than those living in the countryside. Microscopic particles of smoke, soot, and acid released into the atmosphere from factories, power plants, and cars damage the skin’s tone, which causes the spread of pores, uneven, unhealthy, gray skin, even cancer. Infiltrating the epidermis, pollutants produce volatile molecules – free radicals that do not only cause inflammatory processes (acne, rosacea, stain …) and dehydration but also reactions at the cellular level and subcutaneous connective tissue, which ultimately lead to losing collagen and skin firmness, say, dermatologists. The oxidative stress that results in premature aging is not only a problem for the inhabitants of millions of metropolises. Smaller places can be equally affected by pollution.

Vitamin-Based Products and Antioxidant Compounds

While world governments are contemplating the problem of pollution, for a quicker response we can rely on cosmetics. Of course, it will not fix the green image of the world, but at least it can help us protect our most magnificent organ – skin. Products offered as protection from urban polluters are increasingly present, and according to their creators, they reduce, neutralize and prevent negative environmental influences. Such products, mainly vitamins, and potent antioxidant compounds create an invisible protective layer, as a buffer zone that prevents direct skin contact with toxic particles.

Active Care, Double Cleaning and Protection

Anti-pollution cosmetics is becoming more and more popular, not only because it is a cosmetic trend, but also because of the increasing air pollution. “Urban” cosmetics consist of various care products – from cleaning preparations to serums and day and night care creams, and experts point out that thorough cleaning is an important procedure for protecting the skin against pollution. Facial cleansing is crucial, and that is why some cosmetic companies have created two types of cleaners. In addition to the classic ones, novelties are those that are defined as pre-cleansers. These are milk, foam, water, tonics and similar preparations that act as exfoliators and sawmills intended for daily use. They peel away dead skin cells and thoroughly remove impurities that can cause inflammation, sweating, and acne. Often their base is activated charcoal, which very well removes urban impurities, and is not aggressive to the skin. If you need to clean it deeper, specialized “cleansing” brushes can also help to clean the face successfully by removing adhesive soot and smog particles that can be absorbed into the pores. In addition to dual cleansing, which will restore glamor and health to the skin, it is necessary to restore and protect the epidermis, because only the skin barrier that works effectively can help prevent further damage. It is best to choose hydrating products for “urban” protection.

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