Ragweed Allergy Season Started- How to Avoid and Treat It?

Ragweed Allergy Season Started- How to Avoid and Treat It?

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Late summer and early fall, are surely lousy period if you are allergic to ragweed. It will start at the beginning of August and ends in mid-October. Ragweed plants are common, and people are reacting to its pollen. It is widespread, it grows like weeds and does not allow the development of other plants. Also, ragweed can grow on all surfaces. The height is from 0.5 to 1.5 m, the leaves are nasal, divided multiple times and hairy, and the whole plant has the shape of a bush. It has high fertility and provides from 25 to 150 thousand seeds, each seed can survive up to 39 years. Ragweed allergy is a strong reaction to the presence of factors that the body perceives as a potential danger, even if they are not objectively, and then the immune system launches antibodies to neutralize the enemies.

Symptoms and Health Issues

Its pollen is a powerful allergen and causes severe allergic reactions in 10% of people, and the total responses to pollen have 60% of people. It can cause many symptoms, including stuffy nose,  itchy eyes, and throat, sneezing, and difficulty sleeping. In some cases, people may also develop:

Allergic rhinitis. The person feels enormous itching, which can very often and aggressively make up to 10- 15 times. Transparent aqueous liquid leaks from the nose.

Allergic conjunctivitis. It can cause severe itching, the eyes are red and tired, and the eyelids are often swollen.

Allergic dermatitis. It represents a change in the skin. It is characterized by intense itching and redness, and very often there can be blisters.

Allergic asthma. It is a manifestation that occurs most commonly in the morning. The person has a strong obstruction, difficulty breathing, and coughing.

Diagnosis Of Ragweed Allergy

If you notice the onset of these symptoms at the end of the summer or early autumn, contact an allergist to diagnose allergy. To identify an allergy, a doctor will ask you about symptoms, timing because allergies to mites and moisture can occur at the same time. Then it will do a skin test, putting a thinned allergen on the skin. After 10 minutes, the test is over. If there are reactions – redness will appear on the skin. The size of the red seal depends on how strong the allergy is. There is no cure for ambrosia allergy. The allergist will recommend adequate therapy, which includes allergy, nasal spray, eye drops, and antihistamines. Nose cleansing proved to be more effective than antihistamines, mainly when used before the flowering season. Nasal glucocorticoids are most commonly used, which reduce inflammation of the nasal mucosa, and then antileukotriene and chromolins, which an allergist can estimate in therapy. But still, the best way to control the symptoms of allergy is to avoid allergens.

How To Protect

Although, there is no cure for ragweed allergy, there are several steps to reduce allergy symptoms. All are based on avoiding contact with particles.

-Do not go outdoors in the afternoon, when the pollen concentration is highest

-Keep windows in a house closed in the afternoon

-Take anti-allergy medications, anti-itch eye drops or anti-inflammatory nasal sprays to reduce itching

-Physical activity and walks are the best to do after the rain when the pollen concentration is very low

-Shower and change clothes several times during a day, so you can remove it from your clothes and body

-Often clean the rooms you are staying in

-If you are working outside, use protective equipment

-Do not go out during the windy days when the wind carries the pollen

Food Can Cause Allergy Symptoms

People with ragweed allergies are often also sensitive to certain foods because some plants can contain pollen that is similar to ragweed. Food which may trigger an allergic reaction includes bananas, chamomile tea, honey that contains pollen, cucumber, cantaloupes, sunflower seeds, zucchini.

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