Remove Stains From Baby’s Clothes In A Natural Way

Remove Stains From Baby’s Clothes In A Natural Way

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When a young mom introduces non-milk food to the family, washing clothes from fruits and vegetable stains becomes a big challenge, and when outdoor games start, mothers, encounter difficulties in clearing the flea from grass, soil and field flowers.

Since baby laundry detergents are mild and cannot remove stains, mothers often use gels to treat persistent stains that are not intended for baby clothes, which is why they are not absolutely recommended. Namely, they are very aggressive agents that have the power to remove fat and protein vigorously, and which often dry out or leave white stains on their hands in during direct contact with the skin.

Since they are formulated so that they penetrate deeply into the fabric, these agents, even after washing and washing over, remain inside the material through which they are passed on to the baby’s skin. The laundry washed in this way comes in direct contact with the most sensitive parts of the baby’s skin such as gowns, buns or linen napkins.

What are stains of and how can we remove them from our baby’s clothes? Milk. Stains that occur most often on babies’ clothes up to 18 months old are from milk. If the milk on the baby’s clothes is allowed to dry, it is later difficult to remove. Since the key to the successful removal of the stain is to rub the dirty and to remove this kind of blobs, it is best to rinse the stain with cold water after washing, then wash it manually or in a washing machine. For best results, it is recommended to scrub the dirty place with natural soap to remove the stain, to leave it half an hour to an hour and then wash the laundry. Be sure to use a laundry detergent that does not contain irritants and allergens so as not to affect the gentle baby’s skin through the garment.

Fruits, vegetables, and eggs

If you have started to feed your baby with  fruits, you know that they can leave persistent stains that are one of the most difficult to remove. The same goes for vegetables of stronger colors. Beetroot, carrot, broccoli, and spinach create persistent stains. The best thing you can do is, as we have already mentioned, immediately wash the stain with a small amount of natural soap for removing stains, then rinse in the washer. In the same way, the easiest way is to wash your T-shirt or bib, which is also considered one of the most difficult to remove from baby clothes. In the case of persistent stains from fruits, it is good to apply alcoholic vinegar to the dirty place or lemon juice.

Grass and dirt

Playing in nature is one of the most useful activities for babies and children. But keep in mind that the grassy soil leaves persistent stains, but nature has given us natural means by which the green color is easily removed. Apply the alcohol or a small amount of lemon juice to the grass-colored fabric, rub it with a gentle brush or sponge and let it absorb and stand well, then wash the baby’s clothes using a mild laundry detergent designed to clean the baby’s clothes and grass stains will be successful disappear.

Fat stains and chocolate

Hydrogen peroxide is a very simple compound of hydrogen and oxygen, and with the addition of baking soda excellent removes stains from fruits and vegetables as well as old stains that have survived after a lot of washing. It is enough to moisten the fabric with a little 3% hydrogen, then sprinkle with a baking soda and rub it with a mild sponge. In the case of greasy stains from butter oil and traces of baby cream, oils, and lotions, moisten the dirty place with hydrogen and then rub it. In the same way, treat chocolate stains, but keep in mind that you will not be able to remove the stains from industrial chocolate ice cream by the natural or the most aggressive removing agents because of chocolate ice cream stains, unfortunately, from the color that is added to the product. The mentioned color acts as a fabric color, which can not be removed like other stains.

Hydrogen disinfects but also whitens. If the white color of your baby’s clothes has lost the whiteness, and you want to get back in a natural way without using industrial bleachers or chlorine, use a 3% hydrogen in warm water add hydrogen and leave it for several hours and then wash it mechanically in the usual way.

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