Science: Time Spent With Your Parents Can Prolong Their Life!

Science: Time Spent With Your Parents Can Prolong Their Life!

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Family relations positively affect the physical state of the elderly

It’s scary sometimes when you realize that your parents have fallen into the eighth decade of life and you often can’t recognize those superheroes from your childhood. The aging itself is not easy, and loneliness is what makes it unbearable.

Of course, we all have our own lives, families, jobs. We don’t always have time to hear complaints about neighbors fence and our unhealthy food. However, you must know, loneliness and exclusion from the social circles are the widespread cause of aging and premature death of the seniors.

Studies show that people older than 70 who have social activities and spend time with their family live longer than those who are alone. Isolation leads to severe forms of depression and the feeling of helplessness. Problems such as coronary artery disease, and other health problems, and even earlier deaths can be in a relationship with this state.

On the other hand, older people involved in social life are more active, more vital, less obese. Let’s add to this fact that laughter and hugs positively affect the state of mind and body, and it will be clear that our parents need us more than ever!

Take the time for your old folks

Show that you care. If you don’t have too much time, call them, talk about whether or soccer. At least once a week, take your dad to lunch or go for a walk with your mom.

One of the best ideas is to give them a pleasant surprise, a short trip or a symbolic gift. Put the latest family photo into a frame and take them as a gift. Make an ordinary custom, like going to a concert on or in a beauty salon on Sundays.

Encourage them to hang out with their peers. Many people find it difficult to deal with a loss of their life partners. Maby this happened to your mother or father. After circumstances like this, they fall into the pit of grief and consciously isolated from others. It’s up to you to get the wind back into your parents’ wings and show that life goes on. Share sorrow with them but let them know that they are loved and still needed to someone.

Older people enjoy the gift of attention, especially if it comes from the closest family members.

Let your children know them better

An essential fact that experts continuously point out is the quality time that grandparents spend with their grandchildren. At this stage of life, it is life’s reward and a particular enjoyment. Communing with children and taking care of them stimulates the function of their brain, gives them a sense of vitality and, of course, brings laughter and joy into their everyday life. So, engage your parents in raising your children.

Remember, they have taught you to be independent and to break through the paths of life by yourself, but also, the human race is predestined to count of each other and only can exist as a community. Again, from this socializing, you can benefit, because who is wiser and better able to advise you than your mother or father?

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