Shopping Therapy Reduces Stress- True or False?

Shopping Therapy Reduces Stress- True or False?

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Everybody happens from time to time to buy something that they do not need, but it provides a sense of satisfaction, so shopping has become a favorite medication for the pressures brought by modern life. Buying a little something to boost your mood when you’re feeling low is one method of stress relief that many people use consciously or unconsciously.

How Shopping Affects Us When We’re Stressed

The University of Michigan research showed, shopping to reduce stress was up to 40 times more productive at giving people “a sense of control” and that customers were three times less “depressed”  in comparison to those that only browsed for items.

Psychotherapists say that short-term satisfaction is the most that we can get out of possession of material goods. But should we be ashamed of throwing money into more or less unnecessary things? It is claimed that the best things in life are free. Again, governments around the world, after the economic crisis, are urging citizens to spend more, as this is the only way to restart the cycle of economic growth.

So, to buy or not to buy – a difficult question, which is especially topical in pre-holiday days, when the rights of shopping are mania. Such short-term satisfaction is the most important thing we can get out of possession of material goods, says psychotherapist Diane McGregor Hepburn.

“We need to distinguish what we mean by luck – is it a short-term excitement because we move to Aston Martin or happiness is something else – the feeling of ease and fulfillment. If you feel good in your skin, the greater the probability that material goods will be you to make it happy, otherwise it’s difficult to fill that void”, she said.

The author Sara Dinant reminds us that modern consumer society does not allow us to be happy. The insatiable desire for possession of new things is part of a human nature, which consumer society is counting on. The material goods become a substitute for human contact, and, as Hepburn says, they make us desirable and worthwhile. There is also a misconception that only happiness is a seductive feeling.

“As a society, we are afraid of sorrow. We never want to be sad, and if we are, we think that something is wrong with us. In fact, it is necessary that we sometimes get unhappy to know that we recognize joy, to feel better. This is not achieved through the accumulation of material goods, but by understanding one’s own feelings”, she says.

Remember Few Things Before Go To Shop

If you want to go shopping to relieve stress, then remember certain basics. First of all, decide your budget and make a list of the things you need to buy.  So, be efficient and find out the best stores for saving the extra efforts. You may also consider online shopping which is a relaxing alternate as you can shop from the comfort of your own house, it helps you to avoid fighting crowds distributing with rude salespersons as well.

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