Even the People Who Are the Smartest Forget the Seven Basic Truths!

Even the People Who Are the Smartest Forget the Seven Basic Truths!

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Some things may be too obvious to realize, even if you are a really smart person. Here, we are going to present you some truths you might have forgotten:

1. There is no problem when you are not ready to do something.

How many times have people accused you of not getting a good chance just because you do not feel ready to do that? Well, that is not a bad thing. Opportunities will not ask you before they appear. As it is logical, they may appear when you will not be ready to seize them. This does not imply that you should ignore them forever, of course. But still, do not push yourself too hard to do something that you do not want to. Dropped chances can make you stronger for the future that comes. Then you will have the power to seize new opportunities.

2. Failing is as natural as succeeding.

You should not be anxious about failing. You should remember that failure is only a fail. If you take it too seriously, then you will not find the courage to rise again. But rising is even harder than succeeding in the first attempt. You just have to take the risk. Failure is just a part of the circle of success. You should accept it, as it is the only way to succeed.

3. If you want something, then you should try it!

We usually hear that knowledge is power. But, it is only power when you use it. Knowing how to do something and doing it are two entirely different things. It does not matter if, for instance, you read books and articles on fighting procrastination, and take no particular action to overcome that problem. Knowledge, as well as intelligence, are useless without some action.

4. It is normal to make mistakes in life.

If you take a look back in the past, you will probably realize that the mistakes which you have done taught you valuable lessons. So, why should you be scared of making mistakes, if they will help you to grow stronger and wiser? Every mistake that you make on your path to a specific goal will bring you one step closer to achieving it. It is remarkably possible that the one mistake you will regret the most for in your life is not taking action as a result of your fear of making mistakes. In this way, you will always be wondering what could have happened, if you had not been so scared. And, the most important thing is that you would not have made any progress. So, you should not be afraid of feeling uncertain about something – just give it a try and see what will happen.

5. It is hard to make a decision when there are different good options.

Nowadays, we live in times in which when it comes to determining our career and our life paths, there are a lot of opportunities for us to choose from. But, when we have a lot of choices before us, we can often get confused and indecisive. Business and marketing studies prove that when a consumer has more product choices, he is predisposed to buy less. If you think about that better, choosing one product out of three product choices will feel much more relaxed than choosing one out of three hundred. A lot of people give up easily if the buying decision process is tough.

6. Success will not necessarily bring happiness.

A lot of people believe that they can only be happy if they accomplish a particular goal. But, we think that we can choose to be happy every day, no matter where on the path to our goals we are now.  “The monk who sold his Ferrari” written by Robin Sharma is one of the most inspiring books that you can ever read. One of the principle ideas shared by the author of the books is that you do not have to wait to accomplish your dreams to be happy. The main character was one of the most successful layers in the country, but although he had everything that he ever wanted, he was not a happy person. And, most importantly – cherish every moment of every day and be thankful for who you are and what you have right now.

7. We often see ourselves in other people.

When we have some problem with someone, this can help us learn more about ourselves. It can help us to learn why we see that problem in the other person, and the reason for this can be that we hold it inside of us, too, and seeing it exposed before us can, in fact, be frustrating. But, acknowledging that what we see in other people is a reflection of ourselves can help us overcome our unsolved problems.



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