13 Tried and Real Ways on How to Get Your Baby to Stop Crying

13 Tried and Real Ways on How to Get Your Baby to Stop Crying

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There is no person that likes a crying baby. While some of the parents have the ability to figure out how to soothe their little ones over and over again, others are “lucky” enough to have an adventurous baby that does not like to cry the same thing twice. If you belong to the latter category and you are constantly looking for some ways to get your baby to stop crying, but you cannot think of anything to try with all that racket in your ear, we are here to help you. We are going to present you 13 tried – and – true methods for getting your baby to stop crying.

1. Ride the washing machine

For a lot of babies around the world, feeling constant vibration is calming enough to put an end to the crying. If you don’t have a vibrating baby swing, you can start up a load of laundry and put the baby on top of the machine in a carrier (with supervision of course) and watch the magic happen. Laundry plus a quite (hopefully sleeping) baby equals to two birds.

2. “Shhhhh” in the baby’s ear

Just like the sound of breaking waves has the ability to calm an adult, a loud “shhhh” sound in the ear of a baby can have the same impact. You should repeat it over and over and you may just end up with a sleeping baby.

3. Rock them

Here, we are not talking only about the slow and gentle rocking, but we are talking more of a swinging rock instead. You should hold the baby close and tight and swing back and front at your hips with your feet planted. The fast movement when combined with the repetition should have your baby soothed in short time.

4. Drive the car

Kids of almost most ages conk right out when they are in a car, and because of this a hassle to get baby in and out of the back seat is usually worth the payoff.

5. Run the tap

The famous Prince William revealed recently that his favorite method of soothing his crying son Prince George when he was a baby was to turn on the faucet. The sound that the running water makes, and if they are old enough the visual of it, can actually have calming effect on distressed kiddo.

6. Vacuum the floors

Just like the case with the washing machine, this method will also allow you to soothe your baby, as well as clean your house at the same time. This may seem futile to fight noise with noise, but for some babies, it is just something that they need.

7. Bring in binky backup

For some babies, all that they need is their binky. If you have tried literally everything in the books, in order to get them to stop crying and you haven’t experimented with pacifiers much, you should probably try introducing one, as it could be your saving place.

8. Run a warm bath

You are probably one of those people that enjoy a warm and calming bubble bath, so why shouldn’t your little one do so? You should plop your crying baby into a warm tub, in order to help him calm down and maybe, but just maybe, get him sleepy enough for a quiet nap.

9. Stroll around

The motion of a stroller can also stop the tears and can even include nap time, much like being in a moving car. Plus, you will get a little bit of fresh air and a bit of exercise as well.

10. Swaddle them

Even when your child is not a newborn, being wrapped up like mini burrito could be just what he/she needs in order to relax.

11. Swing, swing

If you have got a baby swing, the chances that it is your baby’s happy place are very high. The hands – free solution can also help stop crying fits, as the results of the motions of the swing, plus most of them can come with bullet – in, soothing lullabies.

12. Ceiling fan

The whirring sound, as well as the mesmerizing circular motion (if they can see it) of a ceiling fan is actually the perfect distraction from crying.

13. Fill a need

Some of the most common reasons why a baby is crying are because of hunger, or because they are gassy, sleepy or have a too – wet diaper. Because of this, you should always attempt to address and rule out those needs in first place. Most of the other methods that we have mentioned will not work to help your little one stop crying.  If what’s really grinding its gears is the fact that it is starving or that it has been sitting in a wet diaper all day.

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