Swimming is an Excellent Exercise For Children With Asthma

Swimming is an Excellent Exercise For Children With Asthma

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Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes – the airways in the lungs. In asthmatics, there is always a certain degree of inflammation that can, initiated by different factors, lead to an acute condition. One of the triggers of asthma is physical activity, especially in children. During exercise, breathing takes a higher amount of air. This air flows forward and backward and makes water in the airways, due to heating, steams. Dry conditions of the respiratory tract lead to the breath loss and activation of asthma.

Children with asthma are often excluded from school and social activities due to possible risks

That’s why many parents have a big problem when choosing proper exercise for children. Any physical strain can lead to exercise-induced bronchospasm (EIB) or asthma in much more difficult form. Unfortunately, for these reasons, many kids are excluded from various sports activities, school gym classes, and are limited from playing normally with their peers.

Take your kid to the pool – it is fun and an excellent activity for children with asthma

Due to the characteristics of the disease, dry area, and climatic conditions are not suitable for asthmatics. Maintenance of humidity in bronchial pathways is of crucial importance for the control of asthma, so, there are often rooms with steam and indoor pools within the therapy.

If we can give an example that almost 30% of Olympic swimmers actually have a problem with asthma, then it is logical that swimming is an ideal sport for children with respiratory problems. What are the advantages of swimming?

At the very beginning, staying in a humid environment reduces potential seizures as the bronchi have an adequate amount of water. Also, a significant thing is the effect of swimming as an exercise. Swimmers develop the capacity of their lungs and strengthen them. With stronger lungs, it’s much easier to fight asthma. By swimming, children learn to control breathing, and therefore their illness and seizures, so they learn to keep it under control, which is of great importance to individually take care of themselves.

In the end, swimming, like any other exercise, will affect the growth and proper development of the body in children and the maintenance of a healthy form.

What parents need to know before they take children to swim?

And if doctors absolutely recommend this physical activity, it is advisable to prepare the child before entering the pool. Inhalers that otherwise use in therapy should be next to them. A little spraying of short-term asthma medicine before swimming is desirable.

The chlorine contained in the pools alone has no negative effects on human health, however, in combination with human sweat and other substances, it can produce a chloramine. So, it can lead to irritation of the eyes or breathing problems. This risk is at the theoretical level, and it really depends individually from person to person whether chlorine will initiate asthma.

It is essential to teach your kid to live with his condition, to learn to control it and to behave normally. Swimming is a huge factor that will give the child the opportunity to develop smoothly, as well as his companions, and even provide the chance for professional sports in the future.

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