Teach Your Children to Play Without Modern Technology- Creative Games for All Ages

Teach Your Children to Play Without Modern Technology- Creative Games for All Ages

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Perhaps your child is unimaginable to play without involving television, a computer, or a mobile phone. However, it’s effortless to show the child that there are various fun ways to spend time. While you are doing your daily housework, your child can be crazy about having fun and helping you. Remember all those things that you liked to do like a little, and we will further refresh your memory. Turn off the TV and go to work.

Finger painting

Spread on a table some old sheet or tablecloth, give the kids papers and colors for painting that can be washed and put to work. Children are more fun to take pictures with their hands so they will enjoy the most in this. You should supervise younger children, and you can use the older ones to do this, while you are doing your daily housework.

Hide and seek

You can play this funny game in the dark with older kids, and for the little ones, it’s also interesting even a quick round of peek-a-boo.

Make a fortress

Must you make dinner? Let the child make a fortress from a tablecloth and pillow by using a sofa in the living room or a tablecloth. The game will be even better with more kids.

Searching for treasure

Let your children go home and ask for small coins. Hide it between the cushions of the couch, under the armchair, in the bed … The one who collects the most money-wins. Just do not let them cheat and hide your wallet where they can not get it.

Making collage

Give children old papers, glue and board and, if they are old enough, scissors. Let them split or cut whatever they like and make collages. You can also give them a theme, let’s say “summer” or “grandmother” and let them find the photos that would fit most. It should keep them occupied for a long time so you can vacuum it alone.

Singing competition

Let your living room become a scene. Play them your favorite songs, take a brush or buy a plastic microphone and start the tournament. If they do not mind you, or neighbors, let them go as far as they want.

Cleaning room after “earthquake.”

The famous “home cleaning” game is fun for most children, but it does not always have to be intent on fooling them to help you with everyday home affairs. Make a fake quake in the room with the kids and drop the toys everywhere, and they will then put them back on the shelves. This will see some long- forgotten toys that will attract their attention so they will play.

Balloon tennis

It’s just fun like it sounds. It requires only paper plates, tape or glue, popsicle sticks, and balloons. To make the racket use tape or glue, popsicle sticks and paper plate, then blow up one or two balloons to use as the tennis balls and the game can start.

Bowling with plastic bottles

There’s no need to leave home for bowling when you have plastic cups or bottles and ball. Let kids take a turn to knock down all the bottles using a regular-sized ball. This game is fantastic for kids of all ages.

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