The Best Plants For The Apartment- Purify the Air and Boost the Mood

The Best Plants For The Apartment- Purify the Air and Boost the Mood

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If there is a reliable and inexpensive way to enhance your home with something that will bring us benefits more than we are aware, it is by introducing plants into the apartment.

Flowers in the house first appeared with the ancient Greeks and Romans, who were first brought into the home. The Victorians loved palm trees in pots in the interior, during the 70’s there was no home without decorative ferns, and today the modern home is unthinkable without some kind of greenery. Every time carries certain trends, even in the cultivation of plants, but the flowers in the house are much more than a passing trend.

Why is it right to have plants in the house?

If you still don’t have any flowers in the house, choosing and taking care of them is still an obstacle to going to the nearest florist or marketplace and bringing one pot to your home, we will give you some proven benefits of keeping plants in your home.

The plants purify the air. As you know, greenhouse carbon dioxide turns into oxygen, and herbs in the house are no exception. Oxygen influences every part of your body and mind, and it’s essential what kind of oxygen you breathe.

Plants help prevent disease. In nature, the transpiration process is the discharge of water (in the form of water vapor) from the surface of the plants, especially from the surface of the leaves. The same happens with the plants in the house. And while increased humidity can be a problem during sparse months, it is desirable during winter, especially if you live in the area with a dry climate.

Flowers increase productivity. Numerous studies have shown that students and workers surrounded by flowers have better results. As is the case when you are in nature surrounded by greenery, the concentration will be better, as well as memory and productivity. Research by the University of Michigan says plants can increase memory by 20 percent.

Plants stimulate creativity. In addition to plants that positively influence concentration, fresh flowers encourage creativity and responsibility. It’s always right on the desk to have a little vase with fresh herbs.

Flowers boost the mood. If you do not know how to correct your mood for someone (or yourself), try a bouquet of fresh flowers or a flower pot in a pot. If you know which scent could remind this person of the beautiful memories, choose the flowers that have that smell.

The best plants for small apartments

African violet. They are considered one of the most natural species for maintaining in the house. They flourish throughout the year, they do not need particular attention, except to place them on a windowsill where they will have enough light. Avoid watering with cold water and do not pour over the leaves. It’s easy to plant them, it’s enough to cut the leaf and put it in a wetland pot. There are so many colors that you will surely find someone you will like. These flowers irresistibly remind us of the grandmothers they always had on their windows.

Purple clover. Flowers that have very unusual leaves that resemble a clover in a purple color (there are also green ones) and flowers are in white and pink. The purple clover is lovely and will steal attention in whatever space you can place it. Keep it in a luminous or partially shady place and water it occasionally.

Anthurium. This home-made flower you can often see in homes, not only with red but also with pink, purple or white flowers. Anthurium is an excellent choice if you are buying someone a bunch of fresh flowers because it lasts for a very long time. It is also known as the “plant that has the heart” because it is a flower and a heart-shaped leaf. Anthurium should be kept in a medium sunny position. Water once in winter, and in the summer and in the spring two to three times a week. Anthurium grows up to 60 cm, and it’s great as a decorative flower for a bigger, empty space.

Jasmine. There are several types of jasmine, and if you want a plant whose smell will feel then jasmine is the best choice for home-grown flowers. Hold it in a bright place, water it once or twice, and in summer three times a week. Also, Jasmine is a plant that needs a sprinkling of leaves, but not flowers. In spring and summer, jasmine is fed with liquid fertilizer, and don’t keep it in the central heating room in the winter.

Streptocarpus. If you have the opportunity to purchase this kind of house flower, do not miss it because it’s not often on sale. Streptocarpus has gentle flowers that can be in various colors, most often pink, purple and white. They are suitable for keeping in hanging pots and the flowers last for a very long time.

Guzmania. This type of house flower is from the family to which it belongs and pineapple. Exciting and unusual structures, there is only one flower that can be red, yellow, orange. It loves a warm, bright environment, and regular watering in the summer (two to three times a week), while in winter it is enough to water once a week. Guzmania flower can last a year.

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