How Your Body Knows Who is the Right Person for You?

How Your Body Knows Who is the Right Person for You?

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When we are talking about the matters of the heart, we have been told that the best thing will be to trust our gut. We usually hear other people’s stories about how they have met their true love. Furthermore, we hear how they immediately knew that they were the person they were meant to spend their lives with.

When we look at the portrayal of love and romance of Hollywood, when the lady first finds her Prince Charming, her heart starts beating fast and she has butterflies in her stomach and she also gets in a euphoric state of mind.

But, is this actually real? Or is it only Hollywood made – up portrayal of love only for money making purposes? Is love really a drug?

A study from Rutgers University actually studied how love impacts the body of humans and what chemical reactions happen when we feel that we love someone. They have compared these changes with those that happen when someone feels the rush which happens when they take drugs. The connection was undeniable.

So, being in love really feels like we are ‘high on drugs’, as the euphoric state in which we are, consumes us entirely.

Here, we are going to present you the 12 bodily signs which are indicators that you have finally met a person with whom you can experience bigger things.

1. Your intuition tells you.

Gut feeling is real and you should always listen to you. It is a great indicator of whether you are in a good and positive relationship which has a future to look forward to, or you are just stuck in a rut and you are just wasting your time. If you have a gnawing feeling that something does not add up and is not right – pay attention and also do not ignore your feelings.

2. You are motivated.

You should ask yourself this: When you are with your partner, do they make you feel excited, as well as ready to take on the world? Or, do they make you feel drained and insecure? The one that will inspire you, they will encourage you, as well as motivate you to become the best version of yourself.

3. You are true to yourself.

When you are with a person that loves and supports you through all good, as well as bad things which life will inevitably throw at you, then you can experience your true and authentic self. You will not have to hide your true self, pretending to be a person that you are not, as this person would genuinely value and love the real you.

4. You are calmed and relaxed.

Everyone can agree on the fact that all relationships need work. However, when we meet our right person, everything will just fall into place. At this point, you will not feel like you are ‘working’ for the relationship. Everything would be effortless and you will also feel calm and peaceful.

5. You need them.

You are not just enjoying spending time with them, but you need them to be around you. When you are not together you feel a void inside you, just like something is missing. You also feel inexplicable need to be with them and it is something which you physically feel within your body.

6. You are more warm and affectionate.

When we find ourselves to be affectionate, as well as warm and vulnerable whenever we are with them, it is a sign that we are comfortable, as well as secure in their presence. On the other hand, if we turn cold and close off when we are with them, it will be a clear sign that we should move on.

7. You are optimistic.

When with the right person, you will optimistically look to the future and you will also be happy and excited about it. Both of you will have planned many wonderful things. You also believe in the future of your relationship. This creates feelings of enthusiasm, as well as true happiness.

8. You make healthier choices.

Your partner will for sure influence your life in a great way. But, what actually matters is if the person impacts your life in a positive way or in a negative way. Someone that truly cares for you will always influence you for making some healthier choices for you. For example, they would inspire you to eat healthier in order to be more physically active or undertake a new hobby.

9. You experience true empathy.

When we truly love someone, we will feel a connection with that person which goes far beyond the physical. Both of you connect on a deeper emotional level. You have the ability to feel what the other person is feeling and both of you make some efforts to make your partner emotionally happy and fulfilled. This genuine empathy is actually from both sides and it is a sign that you have the right person by your side.

10. Your palms sweat and your cheeks flush.

When your partner makes you feel excited, as well as looking forward to meeting them, you can actually experience some things which are similar to anxiety, like your heart beating faster, your cheeks flushing, or your hands sweating.

11. You are sexually aroused and excited.

Sex is one very important aspect of every relationship. When you find yourself getting aroused only by thinking about your partner, or whenever you are with him/her, it means that your body is actually approving them.

12. You are relieved from pain

When you feel some kind of pain and that pain is relieved by the thought of your partner, as well as your relationship, it is actually a clear sign which tells you that your partner influences you in a good way. This is a relief which usually comes from the euphoria while you are thinking about them, which also acts as a natural painkiller.



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