Therapists Present Some Excellent Tips for a Happy Marriage

Therapists Present Some Excellent Tips for a Happy Marriage

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Several marriage counselors, speaking to Huffington Post, came to the conclusion that support to a partner is one of the main basics of good relations, and that conversation and expressing feelings may be the most important factor of happiness in marriage. These are the therapists’ s advice for a happy marriage that you should listen to.

The strongest pairs understand the role of verbal communication, and how the regular exchange of words of encouragement, support and empowerment can strengthen the relationship. Several marriage therapists who shared what happy couples often say to each other, except “I love you” and what makes their relationship strong and stable. These are their tips.

I’m here for you

Couples who constantly remind each other that they are surely often overcome difficult times and challenges more easily. Whether it’s mental health, a problematic friend or a problem at work, the awareness that you always have unlimited support from a marriage partner has no price.

Can I help you with something?

The happiest marriage and couples are independent but do not forget that they are also good team players. If you ever feel your partner is exhausted, offer to help him overcome the problems quickly.

Thank you

The happiness of successful relationships is often expressed through gratitude. Such couples do not wait Valentine’s Day or birthday to thank for everything that the other side does. On the contrary, they have the habit of saying “thank you” in everyday moments throughout the year.

I believe in you

When there are doubt and confidence starts to fall, to have somebody next to you who will bring you back on the road is a fortune. It does not matter whether you are promoted or you cannot perform all the duties at the time you are looking for when you hear the words of support from a loved one you will realize that you are capable of many things.

You look great!

It may sound like a cliché to tell someone over and over again that it’s appealing, but that’s a mistake. It does not mean that you fill up another compliment all day, but a small gesture in which you will draw your attention to the fact that a good piece of clothing is fitting – it cannot hurt.

I would love to …

Do not expect the partner to read your thoughts, no matter how long you are close and together. Couples in a healthy marriage are open-minded and without hesitation ask their partner what they want and what they need.

I’m sorry

Confronting errors and admitting that you made a mistake requires swallowing your pride, which is not always easy to do. But the ability to sincerely apologize to your partner can make the difference between a little disagreement and a long-standing conflict in the marriage.


You can’t always say “yes” to your partner – sincere “no” is an important and wonderful thing. Happy couples adopt “yes” a way of thinking whenever possible. Obviously, you do not want to just say “yes” to the harder things in life – such as deciding whether to have children – just to be satisfied. But there is no harm in letting the person deal with minor issues: which band to listen to at a concert, which film to watch, where to dine in a restaurant, where to rest, etc.

I feel …

Understanding your own emotions and sharing them with a partner can help you to process what you go through and get closer to you. It may be easier to express positive feelings like joy, but it is essential to open negative ones, such as frustration, sorrow, and shame.

You’re right

Married counselors claim that affirmation of your partner’s thoughts acts as a “love glue.” Happy couples focus on the positive sides of their partners, instead of dealing with their shortcomings.

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