Tips for smooth and beautiful legs

Tips for smooth and beautiful legs

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Many women experience real struggle and agony when summer temperatures rise to the zenith. All those gorgeous dresses, short skirts, and bathing suits. How much time and money is necessary for the skin to be nourished and smooth on a daily basis? Shaving and depilation are a real burden for both your legs and budget and the permanent removal is still out of your reach. Besides, the products offered on the market often turn out to be a farce, not to mention the delusion that something is intended to solve all the women’s problems just because it is produced in pink colors. With a few tricks, learn how to properly shave your legs, to prevent rapid growth of the hair and skin irritation.

Shave your leg after a shower or hot tub

One of the biggest mistakes is that the ladies generally shave their legs first and then rest in a warm bathtub. Shaving is best if you come close to the root of the hair, and the pores on the skin are opened. Hot water will help in this, so it is our recommendation to leave this procedure for the finals.

Cleaning and peeling  with sea salt for smooth legs

The surface layer of the skin frequently contains the tissue that needs to be removed. This dead skin layer not only is not healthy and makes the skin rough but prevents the razor from reaching the root of the hairs. Apply the sea salt to peel your legs by rubbing these pre-shave with circular movements in the skin.

Don’t rush with shaving your legs

And if the day may have been chaotic and you are planning a quick shower and returning to action, do not overstretch as you shave. A harsh and quick hair removing can cause irritation of the skin, and you can get unpleasant cuts to yourself. It is necessary to do this with a reasonable light movement, adapting the blades of the razor to all the curves of your body.

Avoid soap and perfumed baths, regularly change the blades of your razor

When removing the hairs from your lags, it is necessary to apply a certain amount of shaving foam to the skin to make the razor easier to slip. Do not use strong soaps or baths full of fragrant scents and perfumes that can irritate the legs and cause unpleasant itching. Use a mild foam designed for this.

Do not forget to give your skin proper care after shaving

After leaving the tub, it is necessary to provide the skin with the care needed and to avoid redness and an unpleasant feeling on the surface. Apply on your legs a little bit of baby powder that will reduce irritation and close the pores, or body cream with soothing urea or panthenol.

Stunning and beautiful legs are women’s best attributes. It takes only a little time and proper care to look the way you want, and at the same time, you will know how to slow down the growth of dull hairs and save some money.

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