Tips To Enjoy A Summer Pregnancy

Tips To Enjoy A Summer Pregnancy

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Pregnant This Summer?

Well, pregnancy comes with its own set of physical tribulations: the sore breasts, the urgent bladder, the restless sleep, etc. And schlepping a cute puffy belly through the summer heat can only magnify the discomfort. Here, we are going to suggest some tricks and tips that can help you survive and enjoy your summer pregnancy.

Thanks to increased body temperature and weight pregnant women are more sensitive to the heat and already have some degree of heat intolerance. Pregnant women should be especially cautious about sun exposure because it can cause overheating and dehydration. So, try to stay hydrated and drink at least eight to ten glasses of water a day, more if it’s very hot or you’re sweating a lot, and sit in the shade.

Stay cool and take advantage of your more spacious maternity wardrobe. Wear flowing summer dresses and lightweight, breathable clothes made from cotton or some other natural fibers. Give your feet some breathing space in comfortable sandals or canvas shoes, because shoes should offer excellent support.

You should try to be active as much as you can

Walking is the one workout that suits to all pregnant women and of all different fitness levels. It is as gentle or as challenging as you need it to be and it does not require any investments. All you need for a good walking is a comfortable pair of shoes and a water bottle.

Swim because swimming will cool you off, and it will help you to take some of the weight off your sciatic nerve. If you exercise, then you should do it at the colder times of the day, and you should also avoid exercising to the point of overheating.

Sip on a smoothie and refresh yourself. The summer season brings with it fresh and sun-ripened fruits and vegetables. But with those simple pleasures also comes summer heat which, if you are pregnant, can increase feelings of nausea. The solution is the cool and refreshing smoothie that you can make in a flash.

Of course, you should be active, but you should also have a good rest

Try to lie down for 30 to 60 minutes a day, either at the end of the workday or during lunch and keep your legs elevated while sleeping by placing a rolled-up towel or maybe a blanket under your mattress at the foot of the bed.

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