Types of People You Need to Avoid On Dating Apps!

Types of People You Need to Avoid On Dating Apps!

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We all want to find a right partner and create nearly a perfect relationship. Still there are certain precautions and advice you should know before you fetch for your dating app. There is no such place as that, where you can find a diversity of wisely created profiles to detect your soulmate. Some of them may be a genuine disaster. But, no need to blame ourselves. Despite all the emojis and infinite filtered pictures, sometimes it is impossible to hide the real image that comes from within.

It demands specific experience with social and dating apps to be able to spot mates with possible baggage and issues, aptly hidden behind filters and selfie stereotypes.

There are certain types of people that could represent a possible threat on dating apps:

A queer kind

This is a type of person either too lazy to design a profile or utterly weirdish with no bio and abundance of photos! Just one photo, emphasizing their quaintness and mystery. But, we live in a virtual era where everything is doubtful, so why add up more of it?

Maybe they want to come across as a person with no time, being busy with real life and not really wanting to deal with you, or being some real weirdo presenting themselves having a whale of the time in their twenties while in real life is 50 year old guy who has never even had a decent date.

Life-written-in-quotes type

There are people whose profile is bombed with motivational and self-awareness quotes telling instead of themselves about their personality and character. This type just wants to brag around – but in a more sophisticating and pretentious way.

It only says how fake and ununique they are, without any idea how to present themselves by their own descriptions or original pictures where any story will be needless. We all hate phony things, that’s the truth,  especially when introducing yourselves via apps and social networks.

A lifetime adventure seeker

If you are not a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, professional diver or anything over extreme, you will be such a bore to them! They seem to be very egocentric and only tend to present their lives so awesome and create a feeling of being unapproachable.

You have to do something really extraordinary, to draw their attention to you, like a variety of pictures and adventures on your profile. Otherwise, it may be a definite waste of time.

An ambiguous photo?

Often it is a photo of a man and woman appearing to be very close, but with some naive descriptions below such as „best friends” etc. Or without any possible explanation. So, it is up to you to think about the circumstances and analyze all the possibilities that cross your mind.

This person really wants to have all in ambiguity, so consider this as a failure from the very start for in the future you may be the person that may be concealed to the public.

Exceedingly Instagram type

This type really seems not to have any real-life events, so it is essential to snap every meal, going out and pretending to have fun or even being drunk. They do it just for the social networks or dating apps. If it appears to be that they linked their app to other social networks, it is better, for you can reach much more information about their never-ending fun life. If you decide on this person, prepare yourself in advance to share every personal detail on these apps and networks and to create a perfect picture of designing couple goals.

Too shy to create a profile on dating apps

This person must be the one having zero social life and skills and deficiency of self-confidence. It seems they are even afraid of making up one behind these secured networks. This type is really the one with some kind of issues, but honestly, we all appreciate people with confidence, so why accept less than we deserve and want to deal with?

The fishing type

The first step is a precaution: run away from this person as far as you can! They just want to build their ego by counting how many fish they are able to catch! If you hook up with this person, you will just go round the maze never finding the exit or having a real deal. Let’s get serious, you can really get hurt because even if they settle for a nice person on the way, it doesn’t have to mean that they won’t continue doing what excites them!

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