We Can Fight Breast Cancer

We Can Fight Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is, unfortunately, a disease that takes more and more lives every year. Statistics tell us that every two minutes a woman in Europe suffers from breast cancer and one lady dies in every 6 minutes by this illness. However, this nasty disease is curable in most cases, and the best remedy for it is – prevention. Various world health organizations, associations of people who have passed through the struggle for life and social communities appeal to the female sex to be regularly controlled in order to get the symptoms of breast cancer timely. Unfortunately, a large percentage of diseased spot the signs when it’s already too late, and women often admit that they have never gone to breast check in their lifetime.

Nothing looks so scary until it happens to you. Don’t wait for the clock to start ticking seconds, but think  about your health and what you can do for yourself.

Regular gynecological tests, ultrasound, and mammography at 40

All young girls should be conscious and responsible for their body as soon as they reach a mature age. Besides a family doctor, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist and make essential examinations periodically. Changes to the breasts are possible at an early stage of maturation. In that case, you should talk with your mother, a doctor, a friend who will refer you to clinical breast testing, as well as the Pap test, which gives the necessary results. Women after 25 years of age must do an ultrasound of the breast and repeat it for a certain period of time. Unfortunately, mammography can give false positive results to breast cancer, but it is a necessary tool to detect this malignant disease. It is true that this kind of examination, waiting for results and concerns, represent a tremendous amount of stress for a woman; however, they can be a crucial factor in saving lives. Therefore, whatever you feel about it, gather strength and do the examinations.

Learn how to exam yourself and keep a calendar of preventive test

By touching the breast area while you are showering, you can not replace a detailed analysis with a doctor, but it can do a lot. Especially in cases where there are predispositions for the development of breast cancer, it is necessary to “check the condition” from time to time. If it happens that you feel an irregular shape, do not panic. Probably it is not dangerous. Many factors lead to this – hormones, glands, etc. Still, visit the doctor.

In women who have risk factors such as previously treated with breast cancer or genetic predisposition, it is recommended that, in consultation with a personal doctor, make a calendar of regular controls.

Live a healthier life

Many studies have shown that breast cancer has a direct link to stress and an unhealthy way of life. Stress and irregularity represent turbulence for our organism, and it needs to be kept to a minimum. Also, the ingestion of harmful food, too much carbohydrate, fat, and sugar causes obesity that can be the cause of cancer.

In order to give our contribution to the prevention of any form of cancer, it is important to introduce healthy habits in our own lives and the life of our family. Healthy nutrition, right habits, and light exercise can be an excellent ally in the battle against breast cancer.

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