Are You Wearing Contact Lenses? Do You Think They Are the Best Choice?

Are You Wearing Contact Lenses? Do You Think They Are the Best Choice?

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Although they have immeasurable advantages over glasses, contact lenses, if not used properly, can cause many complications and seriously impair vision. Lenses are used to correct refractory anomalies, but also to treat other eye diseases.  Today patients prefer to wear them while preserving glasses only for urgent situations. Along with an increasing interest in these devices, there is a growth in the number of undesirable effects of the contact lenses that can sometimes seriously impair vision.

Contact lenses advantages

People with vision problems can choose whether to wear glasses or contacts, while only in rare cases, surgical intervention is the primary choice. An aesthetic factor is one of the main reasons why patients are increasingly choosing to wear contact lenses, but these aids have many other benefits.

-Lenses are positioned directly on the eye, and the peripheral vision is corrected, which makes it possible to implement all activities, above all sports.

-They are lightweight and efficient to carry.

-They alter the eyesight of both eyes regardless of the difference in diopter, which is impossible with the glasses

-Lenses provide sharper vision in case of various eye anomalies, in particular, astigmatism and keratoconus, high dioptres and after cataract surgery.

-Unlike glasses, they cannot get blurry when changing temperatures, nor do they get wet in the rain.

-Soft contacts can be worn occasionally when they want to avoid wearing glasses.

Adequate hygiene is necessary

Although the advantages of wearing contact lenses are multiple, there is a whole set of instructions that a patient must adhere to when using them to prevent potential adverse effects and complications.

-Contact lenses must be removed from the eyes before bedtime unless it is a lens for extended wear.

-Regular hygiene, which involves cleaning, rinsing, disinfection, and enzymatic treatment, is of great importance for preserving lens quality and preventing potential complications.

-Lenses have an expiration date and should be changed as often as the doctor determines, which most often depends on their type. It will avoid infections, allergies, and other complications.

-The use of adequate maintenance solutions plays an essential role in the prevention of eye infections. It is not rare that patients dilute the solution with water, in which case the efficiency of disinfectants decreases and the risk of infection increases.

-The lenses should be regularly moistened with artificial tears to avoid the so-called dry eye syndrome and achieve adequate rehydration.

Possible complications

It happens that despite the consistent observance of the instructions on the use of the lens, there are certain complications. They can occur as a result of excessive wearing of the lens, sensitivity to the material from which the lens is made, and to solutions for their maintenance. Wrong attachment of the lens is also among the potential causes of certain complications.

Statistics show that in the last three decades the number of people suffers from ulcerative keratitis is considerably higher, and as many as 50% of cases it is registered in people using soft contacts. Ulcerative keratitis is a severe eye infection that can lead to visual impairment. The problem gets more prominent if it is known that soft lenses can be bought in a free sale, without consultation with the doctor. Regular control of ophthalmologists and timely response is crucial for maintaining eye health and preventing more severe consequences. Significant complications of lens wear include blepharitis (eyelid inflammation), conjugate hyperemia, “dry eye,” giant papillary conjunctivitis, corneal vascularization.

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