Wellness & Spa Atmosphere at Your Home- All You Need Is Candles, Essential Oils, and Fluffy Towels

Wellness & Spa Atmosphere at Your Home- All You Need Is Candles, Essential Oils, and Fluffy Towels

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Wellness or spa treatments are not only required for aesthetic reasons but significantly improve mood and personal satisfaction. Because we are under much higher stress today, those treatments, due to the psychological effect, have become even more necessary. Negative energy and everyday problems seem to disappear in the pool, saunas, during various massages, aromatherapy.

At least once a month, turn your home into a relaxing wellness palace and practice some beauty treatments – the only spa in which you do not need to book an appointment for days in advance. Just a little planning is enough to prepare everything you need to relax in your private wellness. We bring you some ideas for a more leisurely start.

Make Wellness Atmosphere with Scented Candles

Mute or completely extinguish the lights and create a unique atmosphere with the help of candles. Turn off all the lights in the bathroom, light enough candles so that you do not tap in the dark, but do not relax so much to ignore safety. For added relaxing effect, pick scented candles and essential oils: the lavender smell can have a beneficial impact on alleviating the effects of stress and depression, jasmine is known for its relaxing and calming effect, and the rose can also have a similar effect as sandalwood. The sweet fragrance of vanilla naturally heals and encourages happy thoughts and beautiful memories, and you just need to find the flavor that suits you best. Leave light music or a favorite album that you have not listened for a long time. Perhaps you do not really like the relaxation music that most often comes from the speakers in wellness centers – luckily, this one has to satisfy only one person, you.

Small Home Beauty Treatments

Getting a perfect home body scrub is easier than you think. You need a cup of brown sugar, cups of oat flakes and cups of olive oil. Mix well and apply lightly on the dry skin, rubbing it with circular movements. An essential part of the ritual is the easy rubbing of scrubs over the body, so do not rush and enjoy every movement.

Dedicate Yourself

Remove the cell phone. Try to refrain from a selfie, and if you really need to, just shoot one to document enjoyment, but then dedicate yourself, without technology. Sing, meditate, browse the magazine in the bathtub or solve crosswords – whatever relaxes you. Let your time be just yours.

Wellness Spa Corner All Over Your Home

Expand your spa corner to the living room: with the aroma of essential oils, turn the candlelight and comfortable cushions into another oasis of relaxation. After the treatment, step into a bathrobe and soft slippers, cook green tea to cleanse the body from toxins and relax with your favorite movie or series.

Fluffy Towels and Robes

The difference between a bathroom and a wellness spa is in the soft textures of your towels and robes. Wrap yourself in soft towels and relax in the warm glow, let you feeling refreshed.

Bring Green Elements Inside

Fill your space with natural textures and organic elements, like plants and wood, which will help freshen the air. Prints of nature will reflect that into a more peaceful surrounding.

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