Choosing Gifts for Your Loved Ones According to Their Zodiac Sign!

Choosing Gifts for Your Loved Ones According to Their Zodiac Sign!

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A lot of people look forward to the holiday season. After all, there are a lot of great parties, events, and opportunities to eat our faces off while we celebrate with the people that we love the most. There are those people that seem to give the best gifts year after year, consistently dazzling their Secret Santa, as well as making people cry when they open their gifts and see how much thought was put into it.

Then, there are the rest of us that continue to be stumped year after year. The worst thing is when you become predictable, “Oh, I bet you got me a fruitcake and a (insert generic store) gift card once again! Thank you, Jim!” Instead of just heading to your local convenience store, as well as loading up, or re-gifting last year’s gifts that you have never opened, look to astrology for some ideas and suggestions.

All of the signs of the zodiac have some innate qualities that can actually be translated into awesome ideas for giving gifts – why we should not try something new and see how we shape up against Perfect Polly’s amazing powers of gift giving this year? In the lines below, take a look at some sun sign inspired possibilities and see if anything inspires your inner Santa.

  • Aries

This fast-moving sign likes to be in the know and at the head of the pack when it comes to life. Rams are impetuous and they also love to take on new challenges in order to collect experiences. The hard thing actually is to keep up with them, when they can be very spontaneous and likely buy whatever that they want as soon as they see that thing.

They are also not known to walk away from something that they fall in love with in order to think about it and come back later. During this holiday season, you should get ahead of them with an, “… of the month” club in order to truly wow the Aries on your list. It is really twelve gifts in one and every month and Aries will actually be delighted, as well as surprised by the bevy of options which come straight to their door.

With selections ranging from cheese and beer to clothing, salsa, and even jam, you will keep them on their toes and excited for the next round.

  • Taurus

The Earth sign Taurus is actually a sensitive creature who loves the finer things in life. Usually, they enjoy comforts of any kind and this can actually be the way to their hearts. Our bull friends who are ruled by the planet Venus are very aware of all five of their senses. This means that they will likely be drawn to at least a few of them when it comes to their top picks.

The more obvious choices are touch and taste, especially when you do not know them well enough to go for perfume, artwork or music. You should look for something with a pleasing texture – soft and cushy, as well as fuzzy, smooth or tactile, it should prove to be a hit.

On the other hand, people in this sign love to eat. You should keep in mind that they are a fixed sign. So, going out to try a new, as well as hot bistro probably will not be as meaningful as heading to their favorite Italian restaurant where they know exactly what are they going to get.

  • Gemini

People in this sign have brains that will not slow down for anything and that can sometimes be exhausting. Adaptable Gemini is a mutable sign, so they are used to making some swift changes, really welcoming them as part of their usual routine. In that case, how should we shop for the sign of the twins?

They are constantly jumping from one idea to another one, seeming to almost chew up every piece of information as it comes to them. The key is actually to get slightly ahead, as well as keep feeding them knowledge. You should take a page from your Gemini and look to the internet. When it comes to finding some information faster, it is as simple as search Google, in this case, to look for some helpful ideas.

Does your Gemini love science fiction, but they are the ones that also have the short attention span? You should look to a Top 10 Sci-fi Short Stories list and round them up for your gift idea. Are they horror movie fan, or comics, or American historical films and documenting conspiracy theories?

It sounds simple, but you cannot find some amazing, as well as creative gift ideas by simply finding two key things that your Gemini loves and combine them in order to see what will come up. They will wonder how you ever found such a perfect gift.

  • Cancer

Crabs are usually very proud of their homes. They spend ample amounts of time in cultivating gadgets, as well as pictures, décor, and doodads in order to fill their beloved space with comfort and love creating a new welcoming environment for those people they love the most.

They are romantic and sensitive and they wear their heart on their sleeve, seeking out deep, as well as meaningful relationships. they will not be connected at how much you spend on them, and they are also likely to shed a few tears if you really put some thought into your gift.

Home is definitely the place where the heart is for Cancer, so in this year, you should look to give them something from your heart, in that way touching them with sincerity and offering them a token that they can treasure for years to come. There are a lot of pottery shops where you can throw a bowl or vase and pain it something in your own style, if you are artistic or crafty, creating a lovely keepsake.

There are also a lot of online shops such as, which will take your photos and make some calendars, individualized books or prints.

  • Leo

The excitable fire sign Leo has to be inspired and feel vibrant, as well as vital, like the king or queen of the jungle that they truly are. Lions also love to be the center of attention and they really want to feel as though they are special, admired and desired by other people. In other words, you should make a big deal about them, spoil them as they would generously spoil you in return and make it count.

At the end of the day, you can also shower Leo with jewelry, as well as expensive clothing, concert tickets, and they will like that too, but deep down, they only want to know that they are special and you recognize it.

  • Virgo

People in this sign have exciting tastes, which can actually make it too difficult to shop for them. You should not run straight for the gift card section, as there are some other ways to approach this very particular sign.

We can almost guarantee that your Virgo will keep some kind of organization tool in their arsenal, maybe some secret wish list on their iPad, or a couple of bookmarks in some fashion magazines, or even better, a well thought out and crystal clear Pinterest page. Well, it is not cheating, but it is the whole point of Pinterest sharing, collecting, as well as reposting.

You should not knock it until you try it. This can actually can be a great way for you to get some ideas, either by scrolling through and picking up on favorite colors or designs or finding some book list or recipes. In that way, you can get a sense of their taste and style. And if you are really lucky, they may have some crucial “Wish List” for you to check out.

They will also be impressed at how much research you have done and probably will be touched by how much thought you put into finding the right gift for them.

  • Libra

For people born in this sign, relationships are vitally important and they do not like to be alone and only have the ability to really relax into their best selves when they are fulfilling, harmonious and satisfying partnerships.

No matter what, this means a tight circle of friends, or a companion, a spouse, or a combination. When it comes to Libra, the great ideas for gifts start with considering things that you can actually do together, or some items which represent your commitment or memories. Planning a special date or a weekend with friends is also a great way.

If you have been together a long time, you should come up with a memory lane kind of item or a photo collage from when you were in school, a denim jacket which looks just like the one they have lost years ago and reminded them of your first date.

Showing these people how much you care will actually warm their hearts and win your points. This sign is ruled by Venus, and people born in it will appreciate anything luxurious. So, perfume, cologne or some kind of fancy product should appeal to their fixation on beauty, as well as being attractive, while still being personal to them and reflecting your knowledge of their taste.

  • Scorpio

People in this sign are discerning and they tend to have a very specific taste. They also enjoy receiving meaningful gifts, and it doesn’t always matter how much you have spent on them. The first thing you should take into consideration when thinking of giving gifts to scorpions is to make sure that you do not forget to give them something. Even when it is just a gift card, you still thought about them.

Forgetting a Scorpio could ensure you that you do not need to think about a gift next year, or ever again. In order to really wow the Scorpio on your list, you should take into consideration how important those deep connections are for them. They seek out and hold close the intimacy that they create within their relationships, so you should think about that quality when you plan their gifts.

Just like Libra, you should look for something which will show them how much you know them, as well as how much they mean to you. It may just be as simple as planning a night in with their favorite food, as well as a movie, recreating your first date, buying concert tickets for their ultimate favorite band, or even taking them axe throwing with a group of friends.

No matter what you choose, if you are making some memories and you recognize how critical they are to your life, they will love it and love you as well.

  • Sagittarius

People born in this sign are curious and they want to learn, to collect some experiences, as well as to feel like they are on a constant path of discovery and wonder. They are eternal optimists and they also believe everything will hold a wonderful possibility. So, we will need only to try it and to find out. While Sagittarius certainly enjoys traveling and adventure, the pocketbook of yours may not have the ability to accommodate in the way that you would like to.

The holiday season, consider a similar idea but they usually take a different route. Weekend away can actually be a fun and less expensive adventure, or you should do some research on the restaurants and little neighborhoods in your town.  Hit up a delicious, themed Vietnamese or Cajun restaurant, as well as a tucked away Italian bakery or a food festival or market which celebrates multiple cultures, food décor, and dress.

You will get the points for creativity and you can also make up your very own adventure for a fraction of the cost. You will likely make some new friends, as well as learn a little something along the way.

  • Capricorn

People in this sign are practical and they appreciate authenticity in all things. Being an earth sign, it would be a smart choice for you to find a natural gift, not some plastic or poly blends. Try something that is actually made with a quality and attention to detail, but also carrying a sense of elegance and simplicity at the same time. Capricorns also have excellent taste and they do not want to collect things just for the sake of it.

You should remember that when you were a kid and you had $3 to your name, so you made coupons, as you wanted to have something that will be special for your folks to open? Believe it or not, this can actually really work for hard-working Capricorn.

The adult version of this sign could actually be closer to hiring a maid service for an afternoon. Furthermore, if you are short on dough, offering to pick up the kids for a week or giving them a handful of foot massages. Anything that saves time will be priceless to the goat, so you will not have to dig into your pockets in order to please them, just be willing to give of your time, as well as your heart.

  • Aquarius

Our water bearer friends are actually known for their cerebral approach to life. They also have supreme analytical powers, as well as love puzzles of all kinds, enjoying the challenge of untwisting problems, as well as figuring out people who say one thing, while their body language says another.

There are actually all kinds of fun brain teasers, as well as extra tricky jigsaw and mind bursting word games out there in order to tangle the wiliest Aquarius this year. There is also another road you could go down for this air sign and it is to take a hard turn into weirdness. People in this sign have unique characters and they also appreciate the odd, the daring, as well as the futuristic.

An alarm clock on wheels – that’s perfect! Sudoku toilet paper – it sounds great! You can actually go crazy with gift ideas and they will be tickled by anything that is not boring. Technology products will bode well as well, you just need to make sure that they do not already have it. You should avoid anything that is sentimental, as it will not go over well.

  • Pisces

Pisces usually spend a lot of their time in helping other people and displaying their selfless compassion, which actually can be really draining over long periods of time. They are water sign and people born in it are very creative, as well as have a lot of imagination, but they may usually put off their own interests so they will come to someone’s aid.

During this holiday season, you should give them an excuse in order to escape to their more artistic pleasures and to really feel free, in order to take on something that they truly love and can be inspired by. It is actually the thought that counts with Pisces, who can be very sentimental and also tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

You should look up for concerts that are in the coming months and also see if any of their favorite artists are about to hit in the town. You should do the same for nearby museums, as well as galleries or art house movie theatres – maybe one of their topics of interest or favorite artists will be on display. Even some lovely, as well as oversized book which is full of delightful pictures on a topic that they would love, could knock them over.

You should get some clues from your conversations and really give them something that they will find meaningful for years to come.

  • Conclusion

Every one of us stresses about giving gifts, as we so much want to wow everyone on our list. But, sometimes it seems like there are just too many options. For the most part, a little creative thinking, snooping and risk-taking can sometimes really pay off when it comes to garnering gifts. And for the major part of the zodiac signs, every one of us appreciates when someone goes out of their way in order to make us smile.

You should try remembering the whole point of why we actually celebrate the holidays by giving gifts to each other – we are actually recognizing the importance of people in our lives, during a time reserved for the nearest and dearest. Now, you should get out there and enjoy your shopping time.



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