The Empire of Crystals — A Giant Energy Treasure!

The Empire of Crystals — A Giant Energy Treasure!

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Crystals are solid bodies with different geometric shapes which come from the heart of the Earth. They’ve existed long before man, on our beautiful planet Earth, and probably will remain after him. They were created at the time of the formation of the Earth and were growing and transforming together with it. Crystals have different characteristics, depending on the way they were created. Some were formed in the depths of the earth, some of them settled for thousands of years, while others were created by dripping or under extreme pressure. From the very first moment they were created, they are feeding with cosmic love and radiate that love from themselves. With their light energy, they welcomed the man on the Earth.

The constituents of crystals are atoms of different species, molecules, and ions. Their power has been known to people since ancient times. Many nations considered it as equal to the power of gods and worshiped it as the divine energy on Earth.

They are considered as powerful energetic instruments. It is believed that the Atlantis possessed the technology of creating crystals, which illuminated their homes, and that they were used for many other purposes. Also, many believe that the crystals were used in the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, then Stonehenge in England and that the Mayas and Aztecs used them in their buildings.

Each crystal has its own vibration.

They increase the energy they accumulate in accordance with nature and donate it to the world by radiating from themselves. Unlike ordinary stones, crystals have the ability to transmit light rays as well as their energy-intake method. It took hundreds of thousands of years for the formation of individual crystals. While they are underground, they absorb energy from the outside world. When taken out, they contain real energy treasure accumulated for many years.

All crystals are minerals, but not all minerals are crystals. They contain the minerals required for each human body to maintain balance. They are used for various purposes and in some way are healers, friends, and teachers.

Nowadays, there are many ways for healing with help of crystals.

Each of these ways has been developed for many years. The ancient sages have studied their properties and action on man. According to their teachings, crystals accelerate healing and create a sense of joy. In addition, they also have the power to transform negative emotions into positive ones. They can be placed on energy centers – chakras, and be worn as jewelry or can be kept in the place where we are staying. Furthermore, they can energize the water in which they are, while exposed to the Sun or Moonlight that they accumulate and reflect. That water can later be used for healing.

Crystals are also used in spiritual work because they can help us to know the spiritual part of our personality, as well as to learn to live in the present moment. They are also used in meditation. Certain crystals reinforce our telepathic powers, memory, understanding, and reveal our unused knowledge and talents.

Crystal therapy is very present in the modern world.

It is beneficial to the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of people. There are many kinds of crystals that differ in color and purpose. For example, those used for prosperity and a successful career, then those that are considered to bring happiness and realization of dreams such as Amazonite, which is also considered to be the stone of hope. There is also the stone of fertility and new beginnings – stone of the Moon, followed by Rose quartz – the stone of love. Then we have Selenite that invigorates angelic energy in the environment and Sardonyx, which can strengthen the immunity.

The empire of crystals is an inexhaustible source of vibrations of the sky and the earth, and its energy is necessary for a healthy and balanced life.

In one of the following articles, we will enter into this empire of beauty, describing in detail the individual crystals. Until then, you can choose yourself a representative of the empire of nature, allowing your intuition to lead you. It is believed that everyone intuitively chooses the crystal that he needs at a given moment of his evolution. Many people claim that we do not choose crystals, but that the crystals choose us.

Allow yourself to be chosen. Treat your crystals with a lot of love and respect, in order to get good health in return, a harmony with yourself and your surroundings. Absorb through them the love and light of mother Earth and the whole Cosmos. Then radiate it out of your whole being, wherever you are. May your light be a cure for the people around you.

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