How to Keep Your Personality in Marriage or Relationship?

How to Keep Your Personality in Marriage or Relationship?

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Being one half of a good couple is a great feeling indeed, especially if you believe as a couple you have the potential and the power to really succeed and fill each other. However, for that reason, you can easily fall into the trap and to entirely devote to love and desire to please your partner. It goes so extent that you lose sight of the fact that you are a person for yourself, with your individual feelings, desires, and needs. A  personality. The truth (or wish) that you like the same things, trying to go to the same place and dealing with the same sport is part of the initial enthusiasm and the ambition to be one, but your love life should not “soak” your personality. People who have a problem with identity preservation are likely to encounter an even more pronounced marriage problem. Successful relationships or marriage involve forming a partnership with a boyfriend or wife and tackling the challenges that life will put before you. However, it does not mean that you should lose your sense of independence.

Spend some time alone

We know this is a council that opposes feelings and instinct at the moment when you love a person beside you so that you want to spend every second of your waking hours with her, but that’s precisely the time you spend is very important so you can maintain your individuality in pairs. A strong personality means to take a little time for one of your favorite activities, whether you are going to open an exhibition, drinking coffee with your companions, or visiting your favorite boutique. A strong personality means that you go to do something that matters to you and what you enjoy, without thinking about the interests of a loved one and worrying about whether he will be attractive to him either.

Be yourself

It is sometimes easy to accept a relationship, everything that a loved one says, as absolute truth. The fact that you love another person does not mean that you do not have to have your own opinion. If you don’t agree with his attitudes, tell him. You should not start a quarrel and debate about every little thing and insist that your position is right, but for your healthy personality, it is essential to hold to your opinion, your attitudes and values, even if they disagree with it.

Don’t forget your friends

A new relationship or marriage does not mean that you should replace your companion with the man who entered your life. Maintaining a balance between the man you love and the girls you hang out will help you to preserve your personality and remind you that the person with whom you live is not the only determinant in your life. Love is lovely, but life does not need and can not only spin around one person.

Successfully “we” consists of two independent “I”

Ignoring your personality or should we say – identity in a relationship or marriage usually leads to one of the partners thinking, and the other only accepts his attitude whether the dominant partner is right or wrong. Such a situation cannot be healthy and sustainable, and sooner or later, a partner who is not heard is felt as unimportant.

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